THE PAD OF COCA-COLAFor those who have a family has small children, especially those under the age of fifteen years do not need to explain how they are curious in the knowledge of their surrounding environment. And this sometimes leads to their getting abrasions, cuts, which should impose povyazochki with medication or tampons with ointment. But the wound hurt, itch, bandage prevent — and the little man tries to tear them or remove. Well, how to explain to him that you cannot do it! So sometimes you have to take quite radical measures, up to the hospital, where the child’s hands tied to the bed.

In such a situation, using offer a simple fixture, made on any adult can do without the “crucifixion”. It is enough to limit the bend handle baby at the elbow and he can’t reach the wounds on the face, head, chest, etc. and remove the tampon or bandage. Its a device I called the “elbow pads”, and produce them from ordinary plastic bottle, 0.5 liter.
To start with bottle and remove the tapered part with the neck and the bottom. The resulting tube is cut into two symmetrical halves and cut out of them box of elbow pads. Dimensions define specifically the elbow joint of the baby.
Fig.1. The pad
Fig.1. The pad:
1 — box (of halves of plastic bottles of volume 0.5 l); 2 — lock (braid cotton b 32, 2 PCs.)

Fig.2. Box (scan)
Fig.2. Box (unfolded)
In Fig.2 shows the scan bed. It is performed on a sheet of paper, is cut along the contour and with the tape fixed on half of a plastic bottle. Then the workpiece is cut to the contour of the sweep and a sharp knife to make a slit for the anchoring braid. Previously in the end and beginning of each cut (hot needle or nail) holes are burned to limit its length and to prevent cracking of the cradle. Treated in the same way the second half of a plastic bottle.
Next, the resulting boxes are disinfected, dried and threaded in the eyelets and piping. Elbow pads ready Before attaching the elbow pads on your child’s hands in them put 2 layers of toilet paper to avoid scratches or cuts from sharp edges of the pads. The kid saved the mobility of the arms and at the same time, he will not be able to remove the bandage from the face or chest.
STEPANOV, Istra, Moscow region

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