The right packaging for flowers is 90% of success for a florist

The right packaging for flowers is 90% of success for a floristA modest bouquet of flowers brings a lot of positive emotions… right? The gift is placed in the most conspicuous place daily and pleasing to the eye. Flowers transform any ordinary room, and fills it with bright colors and a delicate, pleasant scent that lifts the mood and reminds us who gave the flowers. It is therefore necessary to choose the most beautiful and luxury bouquets.


Today among florists enjoys great popularity diverse grid, including a grid of jute. Florists who mostly work with fresh flowers, order wholesale jute the fact that jute is ideal for working with fresh flowers. It can be used to create a strong and flexible framework for maintaining colors and an infinite number of different compositions.


When making a floral bouquet, very important to pay attention to the style and take into account the combination of colors and materials, such a gift must be presented tastefully. This effect is achieved by florists to a wide range of packaging materials. Oddly enough, but it turns out the bouquet is the most important flowers and their packaging.


Modern huge range of packaging materials there is a good selection of bright and luxury packages, contemporary and classic – that can help in creating a spectacular bouquet and distinguish it at the flower market. A large range also includes synthetic and natural mesh, a wide variety of napkins, roll films, polypropylene films, varnishes and paints, decorative tapes – all this packaging for bouquets wholesale is much cheaper and bought large amounts for everyday work.


No exception and jute mesh. This natural material is perfectly suited for decoration of bouquets. And connoisseurs of all natural will appreciate the fact that this mesh is an environmentally friendly material. It is made from a plant called Jute. The stems are cut after the flowering period, dried and the bark produce fibers, which in the end produce a lot of useful things, including jute mesh for flower arranging. In General, the use of different meshes in floristry considered to be the most convenient material for packaging and decoration of bouquets. This is caused by the wide range of textures and great color scheme. In addition, the mesh is resistant to moisture and keeps fine form.


This natural mesh has different color and looks great with the Protea flower, the strelitzia and Anthurium. Bouquets of such flowers is rather aggressive, it is important to remember they are appropriate for business gifts, or as a gift to the man. Also this bouquet is appropriate for burning brunettes.


Making the bouquet by yourself, you can use a combination of different types of packaging materials and combine different colors. It is important not to spoil the bouquet is not properly chosen colors, all the colors should be in harmony with each other. Win-win option for packaging will be local color, which is in the bouquet. For example, yellow roses can wrap yellow Sisulu. If the bouquet is dominated by more juicy, vibrant shades of colors, it is best to wrap it in a less flashy packaging that will help to focus specifically on the colors.


With flowers you can show your feelings and experiences in relation to the other person, to convey sorrow, Declaration of love or to convey a joyful mood. Choosing the flowers and creating floral arrangements, a person is investing his soul. How do you convey your feelings correctly, what flowers to choose?


First of all, choosing flowers, you need to remember that everything should be in moderation, the composition should not be too lush, but not too scarce, so it is not necessary to choose ratnapriya bouquets. Will look spectacular bouquet, gathered from different varieties of flowers, but in one color. It’s very fashionable to give bouquets with a semi loose buds. Traditionally, these flowers are presented to young girls, but more lush and bright flowers give to Mature women.


For long transport flowers to prepare, so they are not damaged and have not lost your sight, not be amiss to wrap them in foil, and just before the presentation simply remove it. Wanting to make a surprise gift, you can use the flower delivery service. A little bit about the color of the flower.


White garden flowers look very good on big celebrations. For example, the wedding, none of the other colors not so impressive look at a wedding as white. For close friends or relatives appropriate to purchase flowers, deep red, scarlet or Magenta hue.


Your loved one can give flowers to a dark shade of red, it symbolizes passion. In order to highlight the personality of man, is to give him flowers in blue or purple colors.


Young girls are very gentle and romantic ladies, they should give preference to white field or forest colors. For this composition, well suited to delicate and fragrant lilies of the valley, snowdrops and daisies.


Bouquets with pink flowers quite discreet, so they suit everyone and for any occasion. Sunny yellow flowers are a symbol of the sun and wealth, they decided to give creative types. Not unimportant element of the bouquet is not only flower color, but also their number. Presenting a single flower, you symbolize caution in their actions. A bouquet of three flowers symbolize interest. A sign of love – nine flowers. The symbol of the passion – eleven. How to pack flowers.


To pack flowers, they rewind the tape at the base, this helps to create additional volume. If not enough greens, they add fern or palm leaves. To the best of each flower they are placed under a small tilt. For packaging very fragile flowers use floral wire, or fix the whole bottom of the flower wide ribbon. For wedding bouquets is not superfluous to the use of lace, organza and fabric combined with paper, which harmonizes in color.


Very convenient in terms of packing corrugated paper. This paper makes the bouquet is airy and fragile, compared to the mesh, it is less stable. Structure of the corrugated paper is extremely simple, it’s just going in the accordion in the center is placed the bouquet and everything is fixed with tape. The shape of the bouquet hourglass.


For centuries it happened that a flower bouquet was, is and always will be the best gift for any celebration. Wanting to do such a simple yet brilliant gift, anyone can buy a ready-made bouquet, or that it will be more pleasant to go to buy flowers, ribbons, packing materials and assemble the bouquet yourself, then the gift will be more personal and meaningful. It is important to remember that a beautifully wrapped bouquet of flowers is open to anyone all you need: a little patience, care, imagination, and most important, the desire to give pleasant emotions to the person who will be given the bouquet.

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