CART-FOLDINGThis foldable trolley took me to carry inflatable boats. The one sold in stores, takes a lot of space, and keep it in a rubber boat is very nice and stick out of the wheel, and cargo area, and its emphasis. My truck is all going, making it very compact. Now she’s well positioned in the pouch under the inflatable boat; the boat to her place. Storage is also convenient: it just hangs on the wall. Several options hinged and sliding knots fixed in the working and folded, was made in metal. The most reliable was the last that showed his successful three-year operation. However, the load more than 32 kg to carry was not necessary.
In the manufacture of focus not suggest doing it from a pipe with a wall thickness of less than 2 mm, because when you ride the bus on sharp turns it just grips the side load.
To make frame, you need to first draw on paper the pattern is life-size and they are as Plaza when bending pipes. When docking elements truck parts should be first to grab each other by two or three points, and then welding completely, otherwise the frame will “lead”, and straightening can significantly disrupt its appearance.
Universal foldable trolley.
Multipurpose foldable trolley:
1 — extendable handle (shown in the retracted position), 2 — bushing, retractable handles, 3 — bogie frame, 4 — frame crossmember, 5 — wheel, 6 — stop flap, 7 — cargo area, 8 — crossmember pad, 9 — chain-lock, 10 — axis 11 — bushing cargo area, 12 — bushing of the frame.
Welding folding cargo area in the following order: pivot bushings are placed on the mandrel — shank Ø 15 mm, primatyvajutsja welded to the frame pads, and then finally welded. After that, the sleeve of the bogie frame with the help of a mandrel — a metal rod with a length and diameter as the axis is sticking to the main frame of the truck, check the components for ease of rotation and produce the final welding. All seams and burrs carefully stripped and zapolirovan. It should be noted that the foldable cart is designed to calculate wheel Ø 160 mm., Respectively, if they are smaller or larger than this size, you will have to modify the axle shaft.
Device flip stops.
Device flip stops.
Design of a retractable pen.
Design the retractable handle.
When bending the pieces for the frame used manual tube Bender with rollers diameter 30 mm.

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