Information publication from year to year are becoming fatter and even if you are prescribed or buy any one of them is not always possible to read it completely. And pending Newspapers and magazines accumulate, gramzdas uncomfortable and sleazy slide, and find the desired room becomes difficult. The problem is simplified if the location of periodicals to make a simple special magazine rack in the tank which, as the banknote in your wallet will rest deferred for later viewing Newspapers and magazines.

This efficient storage is a small frame stand, inside of which is suspended on two rods, brackets fabric “purse”, like a folded in half sheet.

Consider the structure in more detail.


Portable magazine rack for current periodicals

Portable magazine rack for current periodicals


She is going from a small wooden laths and rods and is similar to the frame of the box, but without any covering. On the back side of the support pillar is made of planks wider than the front for greater reliability of the structure. On the sides they are connected in pairs by horizontal bars, the upper of which is notched at the upper edge: these combs allow you to adjust the capacity of “wallet” by moving them one of his top-rods-brackets. The second rod is stationary: it connects through a comb back legs. Two such stud fasten to the bottom of the frame.


Basic details magazine racks

Basic details magazine racks:

1 – rear; 2 – comb; 3 – the xed arm pocket; 4 – front; 5 – lower tie racks; 6 – lower tie bar side magazine racks; 7 – floating bracket pocket

In fact, the mentioned three web and are the main retaining elements of the frame that gives it the necessary rigidity, which have a close fit and going to the glue (carpentry, casein, PVA, “Time”), Adhesive bonding and the a-pillars with combs additionally reinforced by self-tapping screws.


As already mentioned, the capacity of magazine racks are made from durable fabrics for upholstery or drapery. One side – the one on a stationary bracket encircles it and that is fixed by nails or stitching. The same mounting is possible on the second bracket (both options are shown in figure 3, A and B). It is permissible concurrent use of both options: nail – for stationary bracket (as the host the main burden on investment periodicals) and broaching – to a floating bracket.


Textile magazine racks do not require any special processing, since it completely depends on the expression chosen for this role of material. The more picturesque it will be, the richer will be the construction itself.


Mounting options top of pocket on the brackets

Mounting options top of pocket on the brackets:

Abrutly and nails; B – girth with IOS

And since the rest of the details of the latter are made of wood, then they are subject to traditional methods of treatment: careful sanding and paiting. The color depends on the surrounding interior.

If around bright colors, and contemporary furniture-the frame magazine racks can also be painted in the appropriate tone enamel colors: solid color or in different, but close colors.

Strict surrounded by dark polished furniture will require an appropriate cover furniture varnish, perhaps with the necessary toning with a suitable stain.


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