WINTER BIKEWhen the son has grown up and it “passed” already five to ride on a sledge from a hill he lost all interest. He needed a new more dynamic entertainment. Remembering the scooters of your childhood, bent from metal rod or pipe and allowed to roll only on compacted snow or ice crust, I came up with their new, more modern and “all-terrain” option, so you can ride even on soft snow.

For the manufacture of the snow I needed: a sheet of plywood, thickness 8 mm, width 300 mm and length of 750 mm; two strips of sheet polyethylene (nylon) 700×50 mm; cut three thin-walled steel tubes with outer diameter of 20 mm and a sheet of corrugated rubber size 250×220 mm.
Design is a broad monolize with the steering rack.
First of all it was necessary to bend the plywood to make toe future monoskis. For this I used the method of steaming the plywood blowtorch with irrigation water in place of the curl. But first I clamped the end of the plywood sheet in a vise, and bent first, and then with the help of cargo. Sushil “radius” at first, too, with a blowtorch, and then left overnight in a warm room.
The next day toe monoskis gave the desired symmetrical curvature and sanded in a circle burrs on edges and ribs.
1 — brace (tube Ø20); 2 — the handle (from the bike, rubber, 2); 3 — the steering wheel (tube Ø20); 4 — steering rack (tube Ø20); 5 — rails (nylon, the sheet s5, stripe 700×50, 2); 6 — thrust bearing (steel sheet s4, 2); 7 — rivet Ø4 countersunk heads (according to needs); 8 — ski (plywood, sheet 750×300, s8); 9 — pad (corrugated rubber, sheet s6); 10 — the screw Ø2,5×10 (on demand)

Then to the sole of the ski riveted nylon strips aluminium rivets with countersunk heads on both sides. Steering rack welded from pipe segments, preveiw from the bottom to the rack and the strut thrust bearings (but you can flatten the ends, turning down the opposite long side). The thrust of the strut and the strut is also riveted to the ski.
In this state, made snow-cats to the yard son to the test. Scooter liked not only him but all the kids in our building, everyone’s had a ride on it at a time, although there was already quite adult students.
After successful testing, the scooter was painted with bright red paint on the wheel put bike rubber grip and the back edge of the ski is attached with screws rubber pad.
This year the snow 10-year anniversary, but it still pleases kids— now nephews.
A. TRENEV, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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