What a pity that in his childhood the wise advice of adults fly in one ear and immediately out at another. Remember the many comments of parents and teachers like “straighten up!” or “sit up straight!”. Admit it: you listened to these comments? Well, as today is your spine? Okay? Then at least read up written here for the rest of my skeleton healthy people. But if you do not avoid the same disease and heal or would heal, now listen to good advice: make yourself or order a skeleton he will make your life easier. I, for example, in your garden and step without it do not.

Skeleton is my invention relating to medicine and protected by the copyright certificate (No. 1183097, CL. A 61 F 5/01) in 1979. The device is intended for unloading of the spine, correction and prevention of its pathological curvatures. Or, more specifically, to facilitate active trunk bending forward.
Skeleton device was no accident. In fact it is the second, mechanical skeleton, consisting of a kind of “muscle” and “bone” and taking over a significant portion of the loads that act on a natural human skeleton.
It is assembled from several nodes that are connected in different ways. The main nodes are the chest support, the back bracket with the rod, the pelvic bracket, pelvic support and femoral strut with a spring-loaded pokoleniami and “calf” boots.
The basic materials used are plastic, metal (chrome-plated steel pipes and rods), rubber.
General view of the skeleton
General view of the skeleton:
1 — support rib; 2 — wire; 3 — mounting bracket dorsal; 4 — rod; 5 — rack; 6 — a rubber ring; 7 — the pelvic bracket; 8 — the support of the pelvic; 9 — frame; 10 — bracket; 11 —rubber shock absorbers; 12 — front of the femur; 13 — clamping strap; 14 — screw curly; 15 — roller bronze (8 pieces); 16 — a spring (58 turns of wire 65G Ø16 Ø1,5); 17 — a “drumstick”; 18 — the Shoe.
Breast support
Breast support:
1 — plastic shield; 2 — tube curved; 3 — hinge;4 — rivet.
Dorsal bracket
Dorsal bracket:
1 – plug; 2 – pipe.
Pelvic bracket
The pelvic bracket:
1 — bracket; 2 — axle; 3 — rocker; 4 — bushing-nut; 5 — point tack welding.
Right femoral strut
The right femoral strut:
1 — stand; 2 — podkolonnik; 3 — bracket of the shock absorbers; 4, 5 — loop rollers; 6 loop spring; 7 — hole for retaining pin retaining plate.
Pelvic cradle (plastic cradle not shown)
Pelvic cradle (plastic cradle not shown):
1 —bracket; 2— hook; 3, 5 — the support cradle; 4 — overhangs.
1,3 — loop fastener straps; 2 — the body of the Shoe; 4 — loop suspension to the “leg”.
Breast support made of a plastic plate and a curved pipe. Steel wire, passed through the tube, a support connected with the dorsal arm that is pivotally connected to Stroy, and one tough — ass bracket.
The pelvic bracket — the Central node of the entire skeleton. It is hung on the front of the pelvic support with a plastic tool tray, spring loaded rubber ring (wrist expander), laterally — femoral strut, rear — rubber tubing-shock-absorbers. The latter are connected to each other for pokoleniami. Length of the bundles is chosen such that in the tilted position, the man felt the weight of his torso. The selected length is fixed clamping plate.
And finally, “Shin.” The rods are pivotally connected to the shoes and moving with the femur uprights. On the ends of the struts are mounted bronze rollers and a tight cylindrical coil springs that compensate the weight of the skeleton and support the entire design as a kind of “tone”.
As I use the skeleton?
Wear over the head of the thoracic support and a rope (its length is selected individually) tighten the support bracket to the spinal cord. If a man lean, it will go to the breast shield, supported by rope.
Plastic tool tray to pull pelvic belt back. The belt should not constrain the body, and to give some freedom of movement around the vertical axis of the body, not to interfere with the sit-UPS and tilts.
Foot inserted into the Shoe and lock straps. All you can do household chores, weed the garden, to load or to pick watermelons. The skeleton turns to the work from the first step.
Thus, due to the expansion of the range of motion, constant reklamiruesh effect in the back (regardless of torso) accelerated rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the spine. In addition, the use of the skeleton during physical work — the key to quality prevention of pathological curvatures of the vertebrae and the relatively healthy people. And with a noticeable improvement in their physical condition due to a significant lifting of loads and a very noticeable increase in productivity.

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