AND THE GARDENER AND THE GARDENERIn the last century, Vladimir Dal in his dictionary gave this definition of shovel: “Lopaty shell for digging, vygreba, nawalka, dosing of bulk solids.” Since the shovel has remained the most reliable and perhaps the most popular instrument of the agricultural worker.

In recent years, developed many machines and entire units to facilitate the work of the farmer, including the grower, transplanting trees, and shrubs. For example, is already widely known, although the recently established Ukrainian scientists and designers, the units “Mole”. They are of great help in the greening of our cities, working on the streets, in parks and gardens. However, like all other “Moles” have a powerful propulsion system, hydraulic transmission, lifting devices, placed in the tractor database is really complicated, bulky machine. Don’t use them in nurseries, gardens, fruit plots. And is still hard at work here shovels and hoes, especially every fall and spring, digging, transplanting trees and shrubs. When he decided, at least partially, to start the mechanization of the process, we noticed that the most time-consuming and difficult part of the job: cutting turf, digging and undercut the roots. The thought came to replace the “blade” of the shovel cutting tape, and “digging and cesspool” — cutting out a whole clod from the earth and to build a mechanism which is used to operate the entire weight of the body.
New tool for manual transplanting of shrubs, saplings and young trees is a small framework construction: top frame serves as a lever, and the bottom is the reference. Press the leg on the upper frame stress with the help of a star-shaped castle is passed on the belt the knife begins to go in the ground. Several “rocking” pressure is enough to undermine the plant thoroughly to penetrate beneath the soil. You can now lifting the seedling from the remaining main part of the roots and the earth to begin the transplant.
Machine for hand transplant shrubs, saplings and young trees
Machine for manual transplanting of shrubs, saplings and young trees:
1 — lever, 2 — handle, 3 — spring, 4 — wedge, 5 — wedge axis, 6 — axis machine, 7 — band knife, 8 — star, 9 — pole.

Frame it is better to make from metal parts welded or bolted joints (the latter, however, have from time to time to tighten). The knife is made of steel with a thickness of 3-4 mm and a width of 50— 80 mm, the blade is bent and sharpened at an angle of about 30°.
Reference frame and the handle have a welded joint and, as frame arm, planted on the axis. The sprocket and the belt knife is also welded to each other, they should sit densely on the axis: to do this, it zapilivaetsya lyska, and the end raskladyvaetsya.
It is not easy to perebrosali big shovel, say, a bunch of sand and bend tired and a shovel and then tries to crank in the hands of…
An upgraded shovel.
Upgraded shovel.
Such work was not as tedious, it is useful to upgrade the tool to attach to the end of the cutting arm like a conventional bayonet shovel, but before the shovel to reinforce a kind of support. To make it simple: a metal rod bent as shown, and is equipped with a wooden handle. Optimal fixture length is chosen empirically. A shovel mounted it with hook, screwed into the shaft.
Anyone can name a few dual purpose machines, replacing several different types and combining their functions. For example, the same drill today, and a grinding stone, and polishing device, and even drive the mower.
“Multi-purpose” shovel machine, of course, difficult to call, but under the definition of “mechanism” it fits perfectly. More vastly, it would be possible to say: “a mechanism for transplanting strawberry bushes, seedlings, harvesting of root crops, pulling weeds, etc.”
The bulk of its hinge plate with a fork. She moved along the guide slots in the frame. Turning when he reached the window, the plate is rotated 90°. Down this plate goes under the force of the feet also rotates and returns under spring tension.
Plate is made of a metal strip with a thickness of 3 mm. At one end is welded rods Ø 3-5 mm so that they were given at 15-18 cm; at the other are welded across another plate, serves to lock the leg. The total length of the linkage plate with a fork, about 25-28 cm — it should not be a lot more slots in the frame.
1 — frame, 2 — spring return, 3 — groove, 4 — forks 5 — lever plate, 6 — bearing, 7 — axis, 8 — and-turn window, 9 — bearing plate.

In the upper part of the base converge: welded or riveted and end with a horizontal handle. Their lower ends bent and prop at work. In areas where the slots of the frame must be strictly parallel.
The axis on which moves the lever plate is welded.
In operation, the shovel is inserted to the selected Bush, leg presses on the bearing plate, the fork gradually go into the earth, then, reaching swivel window, change the direction, undermining and uprooting the Bush.
In the winter they can shovel snow to clear the porch. In summer to drive away the puddles in the track, and in autumn gather into piles of fallen leaves, spilled sand. Improvements to conventional rake, is that they put on aluminum or plywood sheet with three holes. In average, bigger in diameter, push the handle of the rake. In the other two, side, insert the bolt and under the nuts put thin strips. Tighten the nuts and the sheet is firmly pressed against the comb. Its dimensions depend on the nature of the work.
The chores associated with the use of wheelbarrows are normally conducted with an eye on the weather. In mud, after a rain sodden heavy ground we have to cover boards, otherwise bogged down wheel. All these troubles are avoided if we replace his ball approximately the same diameter. It can be solid plastic or wood. It is easier to control the car on turns.
You could call it in another way: the truck, which does not take place. Moved that it is necessary, folded and put in the shed by the wall — and not seen her for other things. Convenient and make just. It is only necessary to accurately cut the material — plywood with a thickness of 4-6 mm or sheets of aluminum. Back wall main — is attached to the tubular handles. Its sides are hinged at the sides and bottom, the axis of the truck, also on the hinges to the front wall.
For bonding of boards can put any valves, up to the window, even hooks. It is important that the Board tightly against the walls, creating a sustainable design. When the cart is folded, it is better to first lay Board.

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