AS THE POLISHER WAS THE MOWERIn suburban areas, though small in size, usually have enough space not only for the vegetable garden and berry bushes, but I cultural grassy lawn. And he also needs care: every two weeks we have to mow. Pondering the mechanization of such mowing, paid I attention to is perched in the corner, an old floor polisher P-2. It’s almost ready based electrocoil a powerful motor 350 watts. I have set a goal to make the design such that it was possible to quickly assemble, disassemble: “translate” foot in the mower and Vice versa. And formulated the problem like this — equip P-2 circular knife and put on wheels. That is the main work consisted in the fabrication of the chassis for future mower.

This took a couple of metal strips for the brackets, from the same band made an adapter (13), and from dural sheet 2Х500Х525 mm bent safety guard (1). An adapter connected to the entire design of the handle-carrier, and a casing closed on top of the frame with the knife, thus ensuring the safe operation of the mower.
In the hull I drilled four rows of 5 holes (four in each), through which the body is bolted to the brackets М5Х25. The height of the grass cut depends on which row it will be installed.
From the bottom to the spare disk, floor polishers (of course, the bristles had to remove) put on a wooden strip 9 (preferably of oak, ash) of the circular knife 6. It can be made from saw blade, for example, mechanical saws, cut off the teeth and sharpen the cutting edges.
Drove made up of three parts. To use the regular handles of the polisher and lower the plug, additionally manufactured connecting part of the nozzle 13 of the dural tube 30X2 mm. And to enhance the “connection” frame with reinforced carrier 17 the last stand (pipe Ø 15 mm).
1 cover, 2 — axis rear wheels, 3 — bracket, 4 — the case of the polisher, 5 — hole adjusting the height of mowing, 6 — circular knife, 7 — retaining bolt М6Х25, 8 — disc, 9 — laying, 10 — wheel, 11 — plate, 12 — stud adapter, 13 — adapter 14 — watered plug, 15 — head, 16 — electric floor polisher, 17—, 18 — lever carrier, 19 — cord, The 20 — foot mount casing.
At the top — the view of the working body.

The optimal size of the wheels of the mower 160-180 mm, the thickness of the rubber tire is 20-30 mm; I took them from a child’s wooden cot. The length of the cord is chosen in reasonable limits — in my mower about 30 m, and the free part is placed along the handles on the hooks is curved bolts. The switch should be always at hand, therefore, the most suitable place for him at the top of the carrier.
Total weight of the structure happened about 11 kg, and 8.5 of them fall to the floor polisher. The size of the mowing: 530 mm length, width and 385 height 230 mm, of course, without a carrier. Performance: for the hour is treated plot 300 m2. The height of the mowed grass 20-30 mm with a width of about 370 mm.
It is necessary to warn about the following. It is necessary to work in rubber boots, in addition, on the upper part of the carrier should be wearing a piece of rubber hose. When viewed from the bottom of the mower, cleaning, replacement, knife, etc., first disconnect it from the mains. Mow in dry weather. Follow the reliable fastening of the protective casing and keep elektroshnur from breakages and damages.

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