DRIED FRUITS AT HOMEbrickos — valuable fruit crop originated from Central Asia. However, not all varieties are suitable for drying because of the low content of the substance, the main component of which is sugar. It is usually early ripening varieties. To obtain high quality dried fruits it is advisable to use fruits with sugar content not lower than 19-20 percent.

The fruit should be removed when they reach a certain size, accumulate the largest amount of sugar will become normal, natural coloring.

If the apricot to cut, we can see that the pulp is evenly painted, and bone freely separated from the pulp. To touch the fruit firmer, but not hard. From unripe as well as overripe, apricot dried fruit is good do not get it.
The most recommended for drying varieties: mirsanjali Baba, kontakion, isfarak, hormai,subhani,Louise, etc. Fruits for such processing to take Mature but still firm. Wash the apricots, dipping along with a basket two or three times into the water.
Remove seeds from sections from the stalk (later cleaned of these fruits will Kaisa — best production of dried apricots), or divide the fruit in half (apricots, as inserted inside a core of bone — ash-Taka). But it is possible to dry the apricots with a bone, getting shantala (of the most succulent varieties with a smooth skin) or dried apricots.
To save lighter-colored fruits before drying fumigate sulfur (2 g per 1 kg of fruit) for two hours. To perekusyvaete fruit vkoem case not, otherwise they become unfit for consumption, And children generally should not be given the product treated with sulfur!
At high sulfur doses and more prolonged treatment are able to receive the beautiful appearance of the appearance of the product, but he gets an unpleasant bitter, the high content of sulphurous acid (more than 0.01%).
Fumigation — the process is long and unsafe, so people tend to replace the so-called wet sulfation, i.e. by treatment with an aqueous solution of sulphur dioxide (at the rate of 2-4 g of substance per 1 liter of water). Stand the fruit in the solution for 3-4 minutes, while the sulfur content is not so great.
In any case, the prepared fruit is spread on trays (sieves) cuts down or and dried in the sun for 5-8 days (for fruits with stone) and 4-7 hours (for halves) or in the oven, in the oven, over a gas burner of a kitchen stove at a temperature of from 85 to 90 °C for 30 minutes in three or four stages with periodic cooling of fruits and stirring them with a wooden stick.
Homemade heinously fruit
Homemade heinously for fruit:
1 — wood frame; 2 — blackened tin or plywood bottom, 3 —the bars; 4 — plastic film; 5 — pushpin

Very original taste are apricot, dried in Czech. When the processing of ripe apricots cut into halves, remove seeds. To the fruit is not darkened, they are placed in citric acid acidified water, then allowed to dry. Provari apricots for 5-10 minutes in a sugar syrup (1 kg sugar in 1 l of water), the resulting intermediate product is removed in the bowl with a plate on the day. Then take out the apricots, drained the water and dried in the sun or in the dryer: first at 50 °C, then at ^5 °C and finished at 60 °C.
You can also dry it over the gas at a temperature of 60-70 °C for 12 hours. Ready apricots survive outdoors in the shade a day or two, then pour into a paper or cloth bag for storage.
Given the sharp rise in prices (or deficit) of gas in our country has long moved on to homemade solar dryers. Apricots, pitted, for example, dry in this heliostat two or three days, plum varieties, “Volgograd” pitted — week.
It is also good to dry the cherries, apples and other fruits. The temperature in heliomare rises to 80 °C. the Only drawback is the dryer does not work in cloudy weather. But for a day or two products do not spoil. If it rains, the fruits, again not suffering, because the dryer is covered with a film.
Heliocare is a wooden frame in the middle of which the grid of laths, shingles, or wicker. The gap between the slats of 5 – 6 mm. Instead of grating, you can use the stainless steel mesh. At the ends of the box drill five to eight holes with a diameter of 15-20 mm and close their mesh against flies. The lower side of the frame covered by plywood (not fiberboard used toxic!).
Under a design heliodryer simple and the rules (or order) of its use. Plums and apricots break, remove the bones and put on the grill skin down. Sliced fruit just poured, leveled and covered with foil, which is fixed stationery buttons. After that, the dryer is put in the sun tilting to the South side.
N. BULIK, Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine

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