DRIVING VELOPLUGSFor many Amateur designers is one of the most challenging elements is the frame. On it are mounted the main aggregates, it determines the strength and dimensions of the future car. And to make the most simple and reliable — welded — not always possible. That’s why published in one of issues of “Panoramas “M-K” design of motor-plow assembled on the base frame from the bike, interested many of our readers. About your veloplugs created by podcast magazine, says our reader of the Kharkiv region, V. A. Zayets.
To make the motor-plow me like a long time. And when I saw in the magazine photo of the unicycle of the user collected on the basis of Bicycle parts, decided to build the same.
It is arranged simply: on the upside the frame from a road bike set engine D-6, and the rear fork homemade metal wheel with high cleats. The rotation of the wheel driven two-stage chain transmission via an intermediate shaft, which performs the role of Cycling karetka. On the left tail shaft it is attached Bolsa pedal sprocket, and machined the right end is welded to the hub and wheel volosistoe. The tension of the first goal, connecting the engine with a large sprocket carriage, you can adjust additional video: its axis is fixed in the groove of the plate bracket. The second circuit, which transmits rotation from the carriage to the wheel runs on its original site, only asterisks are reversed: the intermediate shaft is small, and the wheel hub. This transmission has a large gear ratio and provides the required wheel torque.
R and S. 1. Device veloplugs
R and S. 1. Device veloplugs:
1 — wheel, 2 — fuel tank. 3 — frame, 4 — large intermediate shaft sprocket (pedal sprocket of a bike), 5 — small sprocket of the intermediate shaft (wheel volosistogo), 6 — additional load. 7 — drive wheel 8 to the sprocket wheel, 9 — tool, 10 — engine.

Controlled motor-plow with a Bicycle wheel, is fixedly clamped by the through bolt in the front bushing of the frame. Remain in your seats swivel hand grip throttle and clutch lever of the engine.
R and p. 2. Transmission motor-plow:
R and S. 2. Transmission motor-plow:
1 — engine, 2 — output engine sprocket Z = 10, 3 — a Bicycle chain, 4 — small sprocket of the intermediate shaft Z = 16, 5 — big asterisk intermediate shaft Z — 48, 6 — driving wheel, 7 — sprocket wheel Z=48.

Working tools: the plow, the cultivator, the Hiller is attached at the bottom of the frame, under the engine where before it was a saddle.
Fig. 3. The node intermediate shaft
Fig. 3. Intermediate shaft:
1 — a large asterisk.2 — a carriage Assembly, 3 — small star, 4 — hub. 5 — locking bolt.

Will tell you more about that. I had to make yourself. Alteration carriage limited hostavice groove of the shaft and the setting next to the big asterisk of the protective disk. The driving wheel is fully homemade. Steel round rod machined hub — thick-walled cylinder with hole ø 26 mm, length 70 mm and sockets for bearings d 30 mm and depth 10 mm. From one side bored through planting belt to install the sprocket. In the middle of the length of the hub drilled on a circle with six radial holes d 6 mm, exactly every 60°. The outer part of the wheel got cook in ring of steel strip width of 60 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. Lugs 14 are formed from sections of parts 40 X 60 mm and many of the corners of 15 X 15 mm, installed alternately between them. In the middle of the width of the ring, as in the hub, did six evenly spaced holes d 10 mm. knitting Needles of steel rod d 10 mm and a length of 160 mm have on one end of the tenon d of 6 mm, and the other thread.
Fig. 4. Driving wheel
Fig. 4. Driving wheel:
1 — grouser, 2 — ring wheels. 3 — spokes nut M10, 4 — spoke, 5 — star, 6 — frame. 7 — wheel hub. 8 — bearing, 9 — axis wheel, 10 — a nut of an axis.

Going the wheel in the following way. Each needle breaks through the nut to the thread end. The remaining threaded shank of each needle is inserted into the ring hole on the inner side. Installing in the center of the hub, introduced into the hole machined shanks of the spokes. Now, evenly averting her nuts, get a tough and durable wheel. If the spokes to the hub and the ring is not welded, the wheel will turn and collapsible with one hub you can use a different outer rings.
The only drawback of veloplugs, especially noticeable in the processing of dense soil — incomplete loading of the drive wheel. I had to install over-axle additional weight. Bracket he served as a rear rack from the same bike.

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