FOR THE GARDENTechnical solutions offered by one of the authors of our magazine, addressed to the owners of the garden and does not require for its implementation of high costs of labour, materials and cash. Perhaps the only thing you need is the desire to make everything better, sturdy.


We know that if the root collar the tree is in the ground, the tree withers. Then it is urgently either transplanted or lift. But temporarily there is another, quite simple way.
For the garden
Cervical root Apple trees clear of the ground, and the resulting pits wall wooden quadrangle. Trapped in a kind of basement fruit trees feel much better.
To get currants and gooseberries to grow like a small tree in the “standard” form, there is a simple method. When planting annuals it put on the tube from a material that does not transmit light. The lower end of such a delimiter “tillering” dig to a depth of 10 cm on the Top, on the contrary, raised above the ground to the desired height of the trunk.
For the garden
The benefits of growing fruit bushes in the form of a tree is obvious at least because they can be located close to each other. So, better land is to be used and a real will be able to gather a larger harvest from each square meter of our own, is not limitless garden plots.
Some gardeners in the winter bends the stalks of a raspberry and bind them in bundles to a height of 30-40 cm from the ground. If you make 5-6 portable metal studs, everything can be done faster and easier.
For the garden
The stems are grouped in bundles, bent, and then fixed in position with pins that stick into the ground. Green thumb with several freed from the former, monotonnykh operations. Moreover, there is a possibility of spore to work with both hands.
Stud height less than two feet made from 8-mm “wire rod”. The upper end of such lengths of steel wire bent, and lower, on the contrary, dwell. Paint ready studs oil paint in a bright color: not rusted and were clearly distinguishable in the thickets of raspberries.
For breeding and keeping of live fish on private land and the cottages can accommodate old tires from the wheels of powerful tractors K700, K-701 and T-150. To make it not so difficult, and — in several ways.
Thus, some craftsmen put the lid on tightly fitted boards, and then well sealed with cement all the cracks that did not leak water. Others prefer a technical solution. For example, using decking boards: tarred, with subsequent multi-coated polyethylene film. The very same tires mounted on hot tar in order to eliminate leakage of water.
The capacity of such microprobe depends on the size and quantity of used tires. Usually it is from 50 to 70 buckets of water.
For the garden
Rubber “banks” of the reservoir is preferable to a metal — iron barrels and cisterns, because the water is not oxidized, less warming and long retains its freshness. Ready-made container and put in a shady place. Preferably under berry bushes, as leaves in fall microprog insects which provide additional food for fish.
Particularly undemanding (and therefore well-suited for cultivation and maintenance in such waters) carp, carp, loach. And it is best to take the “yearlings”, possibly only one. The fish is desirable to run in microprog from the end of April and contain there until mid-autumn, taking care of saturation of water with oxygen.
And the young well grown, it is necessary to timely feed. For crucians and carps, for example, it is recommended to use as food scraps from the table of the owners, and the additional feed meal, bran, weed seeds, earthworms and fly larvae — maggots. It is important to comply with only one condition: each of the servings should be eaten by fish completely, otherwise water will start to become rotten.
In mid-October, the grown marketable fish are caught using the butterfly net.


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