HAMMER HOSESShe needed the breeder and the owner of the infield, with Nega will go faster the matter at harvest in the student’s production of the brig!Oh and on home mini-farms. Yes and the execution of school programs and research activity — those sections which investigates the impact of various factors on the yield of grain crops, — small, but productive, grind will bring many benefits. It’s lossless, the definition of productivity is the most important final phase of the agricultural season.

Here is one of the possible grind. We have constructed the Assembly is easy to manufacture, easy to use, high performance. Its design provides a good thrashing and not crushes the stems of plants.
The way the grinder. On the frame of the angled metal fixed engine ZID 4,5 with gear, lowering the rpm of the drive is approximately 30-40 per minute. On the output shaft of the reducer planted a massive flywheel, and welded on it four stud with grooves at the outer ends. They stretch and contrast binding wire “beat” — a rubber tube length 550-500 mm (we used segments of the decommissioned high pressure hoses of hydraulic systems serial agricultural machinery).
The drive of the grind can be achieved by asynchronous motor with power of about 1 kW or any low-power internal combustion engine. To protect from running injuries, the rotor Assembly is shielded by a grid of rods with a diameter of about 6 mm.
1 — slide, 2 — rack gear, 3 — beat, 4 — cores, 5 — flywheel, 6 — drive belt 7 — connecting area, 8 — rubber-bed for the sheaf 9 –absolutively a sheaf.

The electric.
The option with electric.
Use the grinder. The sheaf is stacked on a pad of rubberized fabric. When the rotor beat whip sheaf, beat out the grain from the ears.
V. GUETTA, Chernigov

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