MANUAL LAWN MOWERAll you know how to grow corn and sunflowers. But it is unlikely that many people imagine how their cleaning. On large areas, of course, operate harvesters and other machines, but on a small, say, a school or experimental plots and to this day I use the lawn shears. However, very tedious and, more importantly, unproductive job. Our young technicians Roofing Sinkevich and Sasha CATIA set out to develop a manual mower for krupnogabaritnykh plant. They came up with a simple and interesting design, which formed the basis of the mechanism. Finally lawn mower “took shape” after a number of improvements and tweaks suggested by Sasha Malkov and Sergey Bolgarskom: now this is a real unit, which not only decimated, but even carefully lays the cut plants.

They mowed down with two metal circular knives with counter-rotating. The knives are driven using two gear — gear with intersecting shafts and a chain drive from a sprocket drive wheel when pushing the mower.
Manual lawn mower for krupnogabaritnykh plants and its kinematic scheme
Manual lawn mower for krupnogabaritnykh plants and its kinematic diagram:
1 — disc knife, 2 — gear blade, 3 — wheel mower, 4 — circuit circular knives, 5 — frame b — stand pick-up, 7 — drive wheel, 8 — pull stand, 9 — reducer crate, 10 — handle of the mower, 11 — sprocket mechanism control pick-up, 12 — circuit control device, 13 site management.

To collect the mown stalks baler is designed with welded metal bars of the crate, which fell cut flowers. There is also a mechanism of control pick-up: chain transmission, gear reducer and a pair of curved right-angle rods, acting like a crank. The deviation of the handle control Assembly is transmitted through the chain gear and pull on the crate: she leans to the side and the stems are poured. The movement of the arm in the opposite direction to return the crate back in place.

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