WINCH PLOW...Many rural Amateur designers rightly considered the most promising motoliberty tillage unit. However, it is not without drawbacks. And chief among them is the need every time to drag a heavy plow from the end of the furrow to the beginning, at the same time shifting the very motoliberty a distance equal Majboroda. The fact that in this case the power unit and tillers separated.

The output, however, in this situation there is. Nothing prevents to unite motoliberty and plow into a unified whole. However, it will not be a universal mechanism able to plow, harrow, cultivate and serve as lifting gear for building a house or digging a well, just the plow. A plough with motoristom.

Mounted on motoliberty using rope tightens itself to the anchor. At the end of the furrow the plow it is only necessary to deploy, and the beginning of new furrows to move only anchor. It remains only to engage first gear, release the clutch handle and “give gas”.

Self-propelled with the propulsion motor-plow-winch

Self-propelled with the propulsion motor-plow-winch:

1 —lever control plow (steel pipe 22×2,5); 2—fuel tank 3—engine V-50; 4—the muffler with the exhaust pipe; 5—cable drum; 6—field wheel; 7—steel cable 0 4…5; 8 — borozdna wheel; 9—the frame of the motor-plow; 10 — the plough

The basis of this motoagricola is a plow designed for the type of classic, equestrian. He’s got a reinforced V-shaped frame, welded from steel pipes of rectangular section 40×60 mm (you can use round with outer diameter 40 — 50 mm). Field Board and the blade, the plow — steel sheet with a thickness of 3 mm, the slide — out area 30×30 mm. For shield’s better to use high-quality hardened steel, for example, a circular saw blade with a thickness of about 4 mm. Borozdna wheel with a diameter of 300 mm and field diameter of 160 mm are welded from sheet steel. Wheel axle is bent from a steel rod with a diameter of 20 mm.

On top of the frame of the plow is the engine mount — curved bracket on which is mounted the engine type V-50 (so at the time, was equipped with “heavy” mopeds). Power it is small, only about 2 HP, but the force on the traction drum is quite sufficient for plowing the garden under the potatoes.

The frame of the motor-plow

The frame of the motor-plow:

1 —borozdna wheel; 2—wheel field; 3.5 mm in—ear engine mounts (sheet s3); 4—arc motor (steel tube 40×2,5); 6—strut (steel pipe 40×60 or 50×3); 7—blade (sheet s3); 8—the slider (angle steel 30×30); 9—shingles (blank—circular saw blade s4); 10,12—frame motor-plow (steel pipe 40×60 or 50×3); 11—axis borozdna and field wheels (steel rod d20)


The fuel tank is mounted “state-but” — in the same way as on a moped. In principle, suitable plastic canister with a capacity of about 5 liters, you only need to punch in it on the bottom of the fuel tap from any motorcycle or moped.

As you know, the engine is a V-50 is not designed to work without blowing counter-flow of air. However, to organize the forced cooling is not too difficult. For this you need only remove the cover of the generator and the flywheel (the rotor), pin, cut out of aluminum the impeller of a centrifugal fan and bend of roofing iron the simplest guide casing.

Drum winch

Drum winch:

1 — bolt M8 sprocket attaching and cheeks to the drum; 2,3—mounted drum (steel pipe 22×2,5); 4, 13—bushings (steel pipe 22×3); 5,9 — mount drum; 6—cheek drum (steel sheet s4); 7—hub (of a wheel of a moped or a light motorcycle, 2 PCs); 8—drum (steel pipe or steel sheet B2,5); 10,15—nut of fastening the drum axis; 11—an asterisk (z=41); 12—bushing (nylon or PCB, 2); 14—axis of the drum

The control handles of a plow made out of pipe segments with a diameter of 22 mm and is equipped with a moped (or motorcycle) engine controls: handle throttle control of the carburettor (right), and a control handle grip and handle transmission control (left). The left arm also is attached to the lever of a decompressor that allows you to turn off the engine. Both arms are fixed in a clamp on the frame of the plow and may need to change its position in accordance with the height of the Plowman and the easy handling of the plow.

The winch drum is assembled from two moped wheel hubs, where the six M6 screws to fixed the length of pipe of large diameter — ready or bent and welded from sheet 3 mm thick Sprocket is selected more — for example, leading from the adult bike with z = 41. However, its thickness is too small, so it is better for the standard star, as the conductor, cut from a thicker material (steel or hardened aluminum) new.

Guide device

Guide device:

1 —clips (steel); 2—steel wire rope.. 04 .5; 3—cable drum; 4—a plug (sheet s3); 5—bracket (sheet s3); 6—base (sheet s4); 7—bolt M10 with nut; 8, 9—washer

At the front of the motor-plow on the wheel axis is a guide roller device through which is passed a towline. It consists of plate-base, on which are mounted rollers five: four on the base, and the fifth, the axis of which is perpendicular to the axes of the other rollers, in welded to the base plug.

Anchor device to secure the cable just in design. Paw anchors (bury in the ground part) is reminiscent of blade shovels steel sheet Thickness of blank for its production — 2 mm. Traverse — the external part of the anchor device of steel rod with a diameter of 16 mm, for fastening rope to traverse welded to the eyelet of the rod with a diameter of 8 mm.

Anchor device

Anchor gear:

1—spindle (a steel rod d16); 2,3—ribs (steel, sheet s3); 4—clip (steel rod d16)

It should be noted that the design of the anchor device significantly depends on the characteristics of the processed soil. In some cases, you may need to increase the area of the anchor, and then move on to another scheme of fixing the cable in the ground — for example, using a special “corkscrew” from the bars diameter 16 — 18 mm, screwed into the ground using a tap wrench. As practice shows the use of such “corkscrews” to secure parked aircraft, pull them out of the soil almost impossible.

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