CURB-CUTTERSuch a cutter is to produce, as he started pasting of walls by wall-paper during the repair of the apartment. The fact that now, along with beautiful Wallpapers offers a variety of framing and borders in the form of rolls of paper tapes coated with these ornaments. And often the width of these tapes does not correspond to your planned finish. Sause with scissors? It turns out long and not always smooth.


Here and rescued would offer a simple cutter on the basis of safety razors. Select two boards wide with a roll edging tape with a single edge on the ends of their make counter cuts at half a safety razor blade (see Fig.). The sides of the bottom plates nailed to the guide rail, which is pivotally mounted a second plate, which plays the role of cap. The blade in the cut fixed any sealing insert (cardboard, veneer). If you need to cut two strips from a tape — make a couple of cuts at each half of the blade. The rest is clear from the figure.



A. KOLTSOV, Arkalyk, Kazakhstan

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