The farmer is often necessary to pour different liquids (fuel, water, and more) from large vessels. Alone to do not. I propose a simple device that allows you to empty any container up to heavy tanks. And without tipping over. Moreover, there is the ability to quickly and carefully drain any liquid, even when the receiving tank is located on a small hill.

The device is a plug (wooden or rubber) with two openings: one with a diameter of 10-12 mm, and the other 18-20 mm. is inserted Into the holes of the tube — a plastic or metal. Tube of larger diameter reaches almost to the bottom discharge tanks capacity.
Both tube worn hoses. Air is supplied through a tube with a smaller diameter. You can use a compressor or a household cleaner, attaching his “exhaust” hose. Suitable portable foot pump that motorists called the “frog.” The diagram shows how to connect the hoses and install the tube with the tubes.
Scheme of pumping fluids
Scheme of liquids:
1 — the pump car; 2 — rubber hose; 3 — the capacity of the discharge tanks; 4 — tube; 5 — tube; 6 — a tank is receiving.
D1 — diameter holes in the tank. D2= D 1 + 10mm.

This device can use and winemakers, and rural operators. Applying, for example, the hoses of the so-called food-grade rubber, it’s easy to pump milk, vegetable oil and even honey!

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