RACING WITHOUT MOTOR...How much fun gives the children the winter snow. Technical Arsenal of this kind of leisure is increasing every year: the sled wide variety of designs, snow-cats, snowmobiles and many others. With the arrival of spring comes the turn of wheeled transport: bicycles, scooters, skateboards. Those who are fond of snow, making myself a summer toboggan — a simple wooden cart on wheels-bearings. With a roar they rush downhill on asphalt tracks. And well, if this alignment is away from the city streets, bustling sidewalk, where the “rider” on his own, devoid of brakes the projectile is not exposed to danger. But better not to hope in case, and try to make it fun safe and useful: to make a simple single truck with steering and brakes, comfortable and safe route and organize sports competitions.
Competition mini-cars — so-called these light trucks are very popular in young athletes, and numerous governmental supporters. Squat, carefully decorated cars lined up on the starting line. On command of the judge, the athletes quickly disperse a projectile and, famously sprygnul in the saddle, begin a rapid descent. Despite the absence of motors, the speed of movement increases. And from here the young racer requires high driving skills, dexterity and eye estimation, to beat the opponent and come to the finish line first. Last but not least, the success is determined by the machine design. She needs to have a reliable steering and brakes, minimal resistance to movement and at the same time to be available for self-production. These requirements are met by the design of the mini-Carr, which today we acquaint readers with “M-K”.
Figure I shows a diagram of a mini car for the youngest racers. Its rectangular frame is assembled from wooden bruskov by section 50×50 mm. Rear wheels are mounted freely on the axis of the transverse beam and the front on the steering blocks. Long steering shaft is supported on the cross beam of the frame by two brackets. The top is attached to the steering wheel and to the bottom depending on the selected type of mechanism, the cable drum or swivel bipod.
Fig. 1.Simple mini-car
Fig. 1.A simple mini-car:
1 — front wheel. 2 — steering, 3 — steering shaft, 4 — brake pedal 5 — upper bracket steering shaft,6 — seat. 7 — brake lever, 8 — return spring 9 — beam rear axle 10 to the longitudinal bars of the frame, 11 — brake, 12 — brownwater, 13 — transverse rod 14 mounted on the front wheels.

Even the most simple mini-car shall be equipped with brakes. Drive them by car, foot. The pedal bracket which is attached to the cross beam of the frame, with a steel cable through the efforts of the equalizing roller acts on the operating levers, and those in turn pressed a rubber brake Shoe directly to the rear wheels. To reverse each lever is equipped with spring return.
The seat is made of two plywood sheets, covered with sheet foam and covered with oilcloth or leatherette. Adjust the seat back leaning back. This enhances cornering stability and reduces the air resistance.
Fig. 2. Variant of a car
Fig. 2. Variant of a car:
1 support of the back.2 back, 3 —wheel. 4 — bracket steering shaft 5 — brake pedal. 6 — the steering mechanism.7 is transverse thrust.8 vertical hinge of the front wheels. 9 — wheel frame, 10 — frame,11 — Polycom driver’s compartment. 12 seat. 13 — brake mechanism.

Figure 2 is another diagram minicar. On its wooden frame, also collected from bars of square section, the wheels are mounted with metal brackets of the framework. Each of them is bent on the wheel size from steel strips with a thickness of 3 mm and a width of 40 mm is Drilled in the middle of the long sides of the hole are used to adjust the axis of the wheel. This method of attachment of the wheels is convinced by the greater rigidity and reliability. In the rear of the frame, these frames are permanently fixed between the two transverse beams and front — on vertical hinge and connected to the transverse thrust. Plate, fixed to its middle, has a vertical groove, which includes the crank of the steering shaft. Brake control from the pedal, located to the right of the steering wheel. The drive rope, the brake mechanisms from a sports bike mounted on the rear wheels. “Quilted” from the children’s bike gives the machine good stability and a smooth ride.

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