REVERSE GEAR“Acquired motor brand Bouzid, going to use it on microstructure. But faced with the difficulties of linking the power transmission from the engine to the wheels, and the reversal of the movement, Maybe someone already solved this problem?”

Technical creativity is ten years. During this time he built five microfractures various modifications. Latest — with a motor of motorized FDD and improvised reverse mechanism as a reducer of the rear bridge.
The gearbox has a gear ratio of 1:4.62 a, which allowed to unload the gearbox and engine to get a good not only traction but also handling characteristics: on the road microtracker speeds up to 25 km/h.
Similar cars in our city has several. They are reliable partners in home gardens; for many years of use — no damage!
It is possible that our tumbler interested in homebrew, engaged in manufacturing of motorized mechanization of agricultural labor, as well as constructing a variety of all terrain equipment. Gear are well linked with any motor (not just motor) motors having the output shaft sprocket under the ordinary roller chain. And can be used as a pure reverse gear (with the transmission of torque from the engine output shaft to rear axle propeller shaft) or as the rear axle (driven on one wheel), as is done in our microstructure.
Fig. 1. The layout of the gear.
Fig. 1. The layout of the gear.
Fig. 1. The layout of the gear:
1 — gearbox, 2 — driven gear (2 PCs.), 3 — hub (2 PCs.), 4 — bushing reverse, 5 — bearing No. 7506, 6 — end cap 7 — splined shaft, 8 — right-hand gear cover, 9 — package pads (4 PCs), 10 — the case of the bearing unit, 11 — cover bearing Assembly, 12, 22 stub cuffs, 13, 23 — o-cuff, 14 — drive sprocket, 15 — bolt М8Х25 (6 PCs.), 16 — spacer washer 17 — bolt М10Х25 (8 PCs.), 18 — bearing number 208 (2), 19 — pinion shank, 20 — left gear cover, 21 — bearing No. 206 (6 PCs), 24 — bolt М8Х30 (12 pieces), 25 — spline shaft cover, 26 — bolt М8Х20 (12 PCs), 27 — bolt M10 * 20 (12 pieces) 28 — plug reverse, 29 spline flange 30 on the reverse, 31 — lever for reverse.

Gear assembled with main gear charged car GAZ-69. Leading bevel gear (shank it is mounted in the bearings No. 208) receives the rotation from the drive sprocket, attached to the shank. Further, the torque is transmitted in one of two driven bevel gears rotatable in bearings No. 206 of the spline shaft. In every moment of them is one that is engaged with the reverse sleeve on the Central shaft splines. From the last movement of the gimbal is either differential or directly to the leading wheel of the vehicle.
Housing reverse gearbox made of thick-walled gas pipe Ø 273 mm. Other parts machined from steel 3, in addition to the hubs, sprocket, stem, forks and sleeve reverse— these of steel 45 followed by quenching. Special attention was paid to the knuckles of the hub and sleeve reverse, as they carry large dynamic loads.
Fig. 2. The gearbox housing.
Fig. 2. The gearbox housing:
1 — pipe, 2 — ring (2 PCs.), 3 — flange bearing Assembly.
Fig. 3. The left gear cover.
Fig. 3. Left gear cover:
1 — cover, 2 — bearing housing.
Fig. 4. The mechanism on the reverse.
Fig. 4. On the reverse:
1 — trim, 2 — sleeve, 3 — stock, 4 — casing 5 — nut М16Х1,5, 6 — plug reverse, 7— threaded head, 8 — screw plug M12X1,75, 9 — spring, 10 — ball, 11 — fork stem.
The degree of tightness of the driving gear to the driven adjustable spacers between the housing and the flange of the bearing unit.
Bushing reverse is thrown to the right or to the left (in the drawing) with a fork sitting on the rod of the reverse mechanism. End (“forward” or “back”) and intermediate (neutral) position the plugs are fixed spring-loaded ball within the groove of the rod. The latter is connected with lever reverse, which manages the reverse gear.
N. KORCHAGIN, g. Tosno, Leningrad region

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