SOILED SYRINGEArtificial fertilizers are much more effective if they are applied to the soil dissolved in water. However, to achieve an even distribution but the size of the plot is not easy — because most of the pellets don’t dissolve and drop out as sediment at the bottom of the bucket or watering can.
To get rid of this shortcoming, I propose to make a simple device — a dispenser, allowing the use of undiluted granular odobrenja. The device is a thin-walled tube internal Ø 15 mm. From one end it is attached to the supply capacity, the other with a kind of syringe for injection of fertilizers into the soil. Feeding capacity can be loaded with pellets in pure form, but mixed with the seeds (the size of which does not exceed 2 mm) so you can run the combined operation — seeding together with the application.
The main elements of the dispenser, including the tube 5 (see figure), can be made of sheet metal or sheet steel with a thickness of 0.75 to 1 mm. the Main working pair fit — the feed cone 2 and the yoke 12 is brazed, is pivotally connected by a bolt M3. The nozzle of the feed cone is an ellipse. Feed control is carried out by pulling the cord 10 for ring 9. Rocker closes the nozzle under the action of the spring 11, with a retinue of millimeter wire with Ø 20 mm. the shank of the rocker arm can be provided with an additional conical plug-valve, adjusted in size to the cross section of the nozzle.
Dispenser for granular fertilizers.
Dispenser for granular fertilizers:
1 — tray 2 — feed cone, 3 — clamp-retainer spring 4 — bolt roller, 5 — pipe, 6 — feed tank with a volume of 2.5 l, 7 — hole plug for filling, 8 — handle, 9 — ring, control rocker, 10 — string, 11 — spring, 12 — rocker 13 — video.
The experience of operating the dispenser has shown that it significantly facilitates the work in comparison with application of granular fertilizer by hand. Now work can be done without bending to each Bush or hole. The dispenser is most convenient to keep your left hand on the neck of the container, and the right for the grip so that the index finger entered the ring 9. The portion of fertilizer is determined by the opening time of the nozzle cone 2; if necessary, accurate dosage of fertilizer, use a transparent container, causing the risks.
In conclusion, it is necessary to add that the applied fertilizer, sand or seed to avoid clogging of the nozzle should be carefully sifted through a sieve. And another tip: if there is a need in the handling area a large area, it is advisable to have multiple supply tanks with prepared granules.
HALOTRONIC A., Nikolsky, Dzhezkazgan region.

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