BED OF... TIRESI read in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 6, 1993 article “Vitamins grow on the balcony.” From her I learned about the use of pyramids of old tires as a vertical garden. Intrigued by the experience of enthusiasts, I decided to also do balcony gardening. And came to the conclusion that instead of natural soil in bulky tegmental pyramids it is better to use hydroponics in a separate biomodule.

Each biomodule is an old tire, modified so that the result is two communicating cavities — Central and peripheral, with different biological compounds.

The Central cavity formed by a bottom and a perforated (or mesh) at the bottom of the sidewall that overlaps the annular gap between the sides of the tyre. This feeder biomodule containing manure, the tops and liquefied peat with the addition of chicken manure.

To save irrigation water to the Central cavity is closed on top with a lid-a funnel with a small hole in the middle.


Balcony biomodule

Balcony biomodule:

1—car tyre; 2 — the bottom of the Central cavity; 3 — perforated (or mesh) across the bottom shell; 4 — nutrient mixture (manure, greens, liquefied humus); 5 — water-conducting substrate; 6— seat; 7 — plant; 8 — moisture-controlled cover-funnel

Same peripheral annular cavity filled with water-conducting substrate and plant roots, are planted through holes cut in the perimeter of the upper sides of the tire.

Sizes do not bring, because they are dictated by the needs and capabilities of the specific user. However, in any case, the biomodule from tyre to justify the boldest expectations. Especially good for a garden to grow cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and even melons and watermelons.

SIDNEV V., Oktyabrsky, Bashkortostan

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