VEGETABLE HARVESTERCultivation of land, planting (or seeding) of crops, care for them — it is not only troublesome, but also difficult. Even those who got a dacha, or garden vegetable garden so that you have room to stretch at your leisure or to work for mother earth for his own pleasure, trying to facilitate and mechanize the works listed above.
With this purpose we have designed multifunctional garden unit on the basis of two-wheeled carts. With its help it is possible the device furrows on the previously loosened (plowed or cultivated) soil, the hoeing of root crops, mechanical weeding between rows, sowing seeds of agricultural crops. To perform the above operations, the unit is equipped with corresponding replaceable hinged equipment. Besides, the truck can be used for its intended purpose — for the manual handling of loads weighing up to 80 kg for short distances.

The unit will be useful not only for the lovers to gardeners and vegetable growers. In many cases its use is appropriate even those people for whom the cultivation of land and the cultivation of agricultural products — professional occupation or means of subsistence. For example, farmers in small areas: in greenhouses, greenhouse beds, etc., where the use of technology is ineffective or impossible.

The truck Assembly is similar to commercially available household and buy you can even adapt the unit. It consists of the following parts, but rather prefabricated units: handle, frame mounted on two wheels, and pivotally mounted on this platform with the support and the struts. The basis of the framework stands a pair of pipe sections with a diameter of 20 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. They are connected by the bars welded from a round rod with a diameter of 8 mm. Grid — three of the crossmember, the joint of a rectangular frame. For transportation of cargo on the truck the grille is a bit “recessed” into the frame. The handle is in the shape of the letter “P” of the tube outer diameter 16 mm, that is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the tubes of the side members, in which it is inserted with their ends with ferrules. If the clearance between the tubes strut and the arm is small, the bits can and can not do. Moreover, to simplify the design of the strut and the handle can be made as one detail.

Chassis Assembly (truck)

Chassis Assembly (truck):

1 — retractable handle; 2 — frame; 3 — grid; 4 platform; 5 — bearing; 6 — brace (STZ, s2,5, 2); 7—wheel (finished product, d200—300 mm, 2 pieces); 8 — shaft-a driveshaft (steel 45, rod d15,2); 9 — bracket drawbar; 10 — Circlip (d2, 2); 11 – drive pulley (2); 12 — locking screw M5 (2pcs.)

Minimum bending radii of pipes used diameter cold — 70 mm and more. To ensure the required radius of the pipe in the ground bends is required to heat or do the triangle sample until mid-pipe with their subsequent welding. During operation of the unit arm length can be adjusted according to the growth “of the driver-pusher”, fixing it with fixing screws M5, and during storage cart — fully “to be embedded” it in spars. For the convenience control unit on the cross arm with the rubber handle.

On the frame uprights where the lower curve on the inner side pivotally mounted platform. To its sides pivotally attached to the ends of the supports and to the sides of the pillars the same way, the ends of the struts. The other ends of the struts to put on the wheel axles in relation to which they can turn. Of the platform and its support constitute an Assembly unit.

Frame chassis

Frame chassis:

1 wheel bushing (steel; pipe 22×3,5; 2); 2 — front (steel; pipe 20×1,5; 2); 3 — grid (rod d10); 4 — threaded nozzle M5

Frame platform — shaped bracket, curved steel strip section 30×2,5 mm. Its ends welded to the inserted between the jumper out of the corner of 20×20 mm To increase the rigidity of the frame in two angles welded to the gusset plate, and lateral parts — the base plate of the steel strip width of 20 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm. These parts are the supports of a platform on which are mounted sowing machines.

The support is made of a pair of brackets, curved steel strip section 20×2,5 mm, connected by insertion of a steel tube with a diameter of 16 mm, the free ends pivotally attached to the frame of the platform.

To move the truck without a load (or store) the platform can be raised and clamped to the uprights, thus greatly reducing the size of the truck. The prop and the struts themselves are pressed to the frame of the platform.



1 — tip (steel; rod d17; 2); 2 — arm (tube 16x 1,5); 3 — knob (rubber, 2 PCs.)

The main platform for mounted units

The main platform for mounted units:

1 — jumper wire (steel, 20×20 area); 2—the frame (STZ, strip 30×2,5); 3 — solitaire (STZ, sheet z, 2); 4 — platform (STZ, sheet 1.6); 5 — support plate (STZ, strip 25×2,5)


Additional platform

Additional platform:

1 — frame (STZ, strip 30×2,5); 2 — deck (STZ, sheet 1.6); 3 — wall socket rods of the marker (STZ, sheet s2,5)




1 — clip (STZ, strip 20×2,5,2); 2 — the connecting insert (steel, pipe 16×1,5)


Spud Assembly (grid and platform not shown)

Spud Assembly (grid and platform not shown):

1 — trolley; 2 — Hiller (2); 3 — pole; 4 — handle; 5 — bracket Hillers




1 — Coulter (pipe 25×3); 2 — bracket (steel, sheet s); 3 — paw (steel, sheet s); 4 — rivet (steel, 4 PCs.)




1 — pole; 2 truck; 3 — stretching; 4 — sowing machine (1 …5 pieces); 5 — handle; 6 — V-belt drive (2 pieces)




D— diameter of the driven pulley; DC— diameter of the wheel.
1 — galvanized cover plate (steel, sheet s0,7); 2 housing (galvanized steel, sheet s0,7); 3 — hub






For installation of the equipment platform relative to the struts rotate 90° and rigidly fixed with the support strut.


Truck wheel should be quite large — with a diameter of 200 mm or more width of the rim (tire) is not less than 40 mm.

The drive unit manually, depending on application and soil type — by one or two people. Weight of unit truck with interchangeable equipment — about 15 kg. overall dimensions in working condition (without handles): 1300x760x450 mm.

Apply the attached replacement equipment for propaganja grooves, hilling, weeding is simple in design. The device and mounting on the cart is clear from the drawings.

The most complex for the manufacture of attachments — dotted (precision drilling), the drill. It consists of several modular units that, in turn, gathered with sufficient accuracy from the well-matched to each other Assembly units and parts: hopper feeder, dosing device, seed, seed tubes, limiter. The heart of the drill— rotating dispensers. The drive from the truck wheels through V-belt transmission and a common shaft. An important point in the design of the actuator — selection of the gear ratio i of the transfer. It, along with the wheel diameter Dk and the number of cells p in the dispenser determines the step of seeding T


Recommended settings seedingTo change the step of seeding (for different cultures it is different and for the most common are shown in the table), you need to replace some pulleys to the other, the gear ratio which would provide the required step

Although all of the dispensers sit on the same shaft, but to better their work V-belt transmission it is desirable to do both wheels.

In order to each cell of the dispenser includes only one grain (seed), sizes of inlet cells can be adjusted (depending on size of seed) a displacement of the cover relative to the housing.

On the platform truck can be set from one to five seeding apparatus with an interval of 50 mm. For installation in a drill the maximum number of vehicles (five) in the highest range of seed rates (150 mm) to the platform on the sides are mounted additional platforms, each of which is mounted one machine.

The seeding depth is governed by the movement of the seed tubes relative to the opener and stop relative to the seed grower.

Depending on the step of seeding to the dispenser attach different drives with number of cells 2, 4 or 8 and change the size of the seed holes. Inspection of the output of seeds on the ground, covered with fabric (tarpaulin). Sowing the hole shut zaslonki, remove the seed grower, the feeder poured seeds. Then, opening the choke, move the cart around the court, defining the step of seeding and, if necessary, adjusting it.


V. HORT, Kiev, Ukraine

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