CAR-TRAILERThe new law on compulsory insurance of vehicles in conjunction with the ever increasing prices of gasoline has forced me to give up reliable motorized assistance scooter cargo “the Ant-2M”. I sold it in good hands — in the village.

However, for daily management and maintenance of the manor house for some simple vehicle still requires: it is necessary to take out the accumulated garbage, you need to bring some relatively dimensionally or massive loads. That’s the life and awakened a new design idea to make a light car, one that would not only push or pull, but to use as a Bicycle trailer.
Wheelbarrow-trailer two-wheeled, single-axle. Actually axles and wheels, or two, but it is so accepted to call a similar design.
It is based on the frame of the loading platform, assembled from two tubular steel arches from the backside of the old cots: the ear pieces (to provide the desired width of platform) inserted in a connecting sleeve spacers, the inner diameter of which corresponds to the outer arches. The ends of the sleeves parts scalded in a circle. On the sides and front frame made of curly railings made of thin tubes of the same backside of the cots. And even on the sides of the frame in the middle of the welded brackets for mounting the wheel axles.
The layout of the car-trailer
The layout of the car-trailer:
1 — node coupling; 2 — pole (pipe); 3 — brace (pipe 12×1,5); 4 — red reflector (reflector); 5 — spacer (steel strip 20×3); 6 — bearing axis (the bolt M4. 2); 7 — bearing (pipe 12×1,5); 8 — tension spring; 9 — eyelet (s2 steel, 6 PCs); 10 — fencing (steel pipe 12×1,5); 11 — wheel axle (2 PCs.); 12 — wheel (off the bike “Pupil”, 2); 13 — wheel hub (2); 14 — the bracket of the wheel axle (2 PCs); 15 — arc frame (shackle from the chair, infant bed, 2); 16 — spacer (2 PCs); 17 platform (hardboard s4); 18 — the handle (plastic tube); 19 — lug-hitch trunk Bicycle (steel s4)

Node docking cars-trailer and bike-truck
The abutment cars-trailer and bike of the tractor:
1 — the pin (bolt M6, L52); 2 — steel washer (2 PCs); 3 — handle (PVC tube); 4 — pole; 5 — rubber washer (s4, 2); 6 — lug-hitch trunk Bicycle (St3, sheet s4); 7 — nut M6; 8 — pin-cotter pin

The wheels used from an old kid’s Bicycle “the Schoolboy”, but the hub mounted other — reinforced, self-made. Instead of standard special bearings (cones) serial set (202-f) the bearings in the clips. Axis is also turned other.
As the loading platforms used painted in several layers on both sides of a thick sheet of hardboard (cut from plywood). The platform is attached to the frame by aluminum rivets.
The front frame is welded to the handle-pole made from half-inch section of water pipe. Bending of the drawbar is reinforced welded thereto curly brace of the bed a thin tube and a spacer of steel strip. To the bottom of the strut welded lugs for pivotally attaching the folding leg-supports. She the footboard is curved from a thin-bed tube. In the work (Parking) and “stowed” position, the prop is fixed with a spring.
All the tubular elements of the car-trailer bent in a cold state on the appropriate bend radius steel ingots.
On the free end of the drawbar tight plastic (PVC) tube — it serves as a handle when using the trailer as a wheelbarrow. Here at the end of the drawbar vertical cross drilled hole with a diameter of 8 mm to connect the trailer to the Bicycle trunk by means of M6 bolt (with cotter pin-a pin to exclude inadvertent loosening of the nut) through the rubber washer.
Bike rack is also slightly modified: welded to the rear crossmember lug-tow bar, and racks welded reinforced struts. The hole for the bolt in the lug — 8 mm in diameter
The car trailer can carry loads weighing up to 50 pounds, and in the appropriate container — and liquid bulk.
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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