WITH SAGOMATO AGAINST THE SNOW“Swept Blizzard track, had powder…” needless to say, the song is perceived poetically. But when himself with a shovel in hand you get to clean up-rake nametennym drifts, there can be no songs, mast is one! But pretty tired muscle make intense to excite a thought: would it be possible to mechanize the cleaning of snow? Born as a result of sometimes the most interesting technical solutions. And the editorial mail in winter — a visual confirmation.

Among the improvised snow plows, the description and drawings which are sent in “M-K” by readers of the magazine, draws attention to the originality design of the machine, which incorporates the advantages of the pick-up auger and rotary sagomate. Moreover, no Chadasha-Coptic harmful emissions into the atmosphere during its operation is not happening: instead of an internal combustion engine used here is typical (and not scarce that at the present time is also an important factor) motor.


The author, a Muscovite Alexander Zavyalov — tried to make your snow blower is available for any repetition in “home” conditions. In the car, besides the already mentioned electric motor, only two “factory” node: widespread worm gear Yes popular among gardeners garden cart AZLK.

The snow on the site I initially adapted to remove a wide shovel / bucket, rigidly fixed to a favorite summer garden cart AZLK. And then I thought: why not to mechanize such a laborious work?


To find an acceptable prototype has studied library binder “M”. And found what I was looking for: rotary-scraper snowplow, “Blizzard”, published in the first issue of the journal in 1987. However, I was not satisfied with “average” diameter of the rotor, the use of engine design D6 with a special cooling fan and rotated 90° head. And passive scrapers that had, apparently, with a decent power punch in the present, to push forward during operation, is not very liked.


Decided: rebounding from a prototype, develop its design. Powerful, electric, to the machine itself crashed even in the Packed, dense snow, and shoveled it, threw would be a lot of snow, they say, “three meters against the wind.”


But such a construction is to be done? Except that combine rotary snow blower with a screw pick-up, connecting both to the motor via appropriate transmission? Well, as a chassis because you can adapt and his former “assistant” — garden cart AZLK…


Kinematic diagram of the machine.

The kinematic scheme of the machine:

1 — LH spiral auger, 2 — rotor, 3 — wheel hand truck AZLK, 4 — plate rotor pulley, 5 — pulley on the motor shaft, 6 — engine electrical АИР80В2, 7 — drive pulley rotor, 8 — a pulley ia of the input shaft of the gearbox, 9 — worm gear 2H-40-10-52-1-2-the U-2, 10 — sprocket on the output shaft of the reduction gear, 11 — the right “spiral” screw, 12 — sprocket on the shaft of the screw.


The device node of the screw.

The screw device node:

1 — side panel case (aluminum sheet, thickness 2 mm), 2 — bolt, M6 nut (12 PCs), 3 — auger shaft (steel seamless pipe, GOST 8734-75), 4 — the bearing № 206 (2 PCs), 5 — housing-glass (aluminum alloy AMg6. 2), 6 — cap (aluminum alloy AMg6. 2), 7 — sprocket Z=19 in increments of 12.7 mm (children’s bike), 8 — bolt M8 with nut, 9 — power part of the shaft (pressed on. Steel 20), 10 — ring (22-mm length of pipe GOST 8734-75 external diameter of 37 mm and a wall thickness of 3.5 mm), 11 — snap ring (10-mm section of pipe GOST 8734-75 external diameter of 37 mm and a wall thickness of 3.5 mm, 2 PCs.). 12 — polydisk screw (Steel 20, thickness 2 mm, 8 PCs.).


Node of the rotor Assembly.

The node of the rotor Assembly:

1 — blade (S-shaped profile of the aluminum alloy AMg6, 5 PCs.), 2 — rotor disk (2-mm sheet Steel 20), 3 — rib (2-mm sheet aluminium, 5 PCs.), 4 — bushing (aluminum alloy AMg6) with five mounting bolts and M6 lock nuts, 5 — Cup (aluminum alloy AMg6), 6 — bearing No. 206 (2), 7 — cap (aluminum alloy AMg6), 8 — double pulley (aluminum alloy AMg6) with the hub, 9 — rotor shaft (Steel 20), 10 — bolt M8 with nut (2 PCs), 11 — ring (25-mm section of pipe GOST 8734-75 external diameter of 37 mm and a wall thickness of 3.5 mm), 12 — M6 screws with countersunk head (8 PCs.), 13 — drum (aluminum boiler 20 liters).
Blank for two palutikof (with one slit - coil
Blank for two palutikof (with one slit – coil “spiral”) screw (2 mm sheet Steel 20).


Gradually, step by step, danced away the desired kinematics. The idea seemed more and more a reality. And now with the snow removal around the house and in the garden — no problem. With sufficient length of electric cable, of course.
The primary work on my snow blower — auger — made of pipe with two axles at the ends and welded on it eight palutikof of 2 mm sheet Steel 20 forming the left and right spirals. Place interfacing palutikof also thoroughly cooked to achieve the required strength and stiffness. Alternatively, you can perform each “spiral” of only two incised on one side, and then appropriately deployed and fastened together of workpieces. It is not excluded, of course, and the selection of the finished screw. For example, from discarded farming machinery.
The auger rotates on radial ball bearings No. 206, housing cups are made of aluminum alloy AMg6 (from Amg3) and are attached to the sidewalls of the housing of the blower on the M6 bolts, tightened the nuts. Torque transmission is effected from the output shaft of the worm gear 2H-40-10-52-1-2-the U-2. For this purpose sprocket Z1 and Z2 (adapted from children’s bikes) and roller chain PR-12,7 length of 1160 mm. Tension is carried out by the roller from the side of the cascading branches.
Clip the snow is supplied to the rotor. The design of this working body is almost the same as that of the prototype machine (see “M-K” № 1, 1987). But the sizes differ in a big way. The disc base, in particular, has a diameter of 390 mm and thickness of 2 mm. Has its own characteristics and during Assembly of the rotor.
So, for disk reason at the beginning prihvatyvaya bolt M6 hub, and then attach the 5 blades, reinforced back ribs. The rotor is firmly fixed on the shaft by a M8 bolt with a nut. In turn, the shaft is installed in the machine on two radial ball bearings No. 206 and has at the other end of the double pulley mount which is similar to the above-described method.
The rotor rotates in the drum (which serves as a suitable aluminum boiler 20 l), linking directly with the frontal wall of the housing by means of rivets with a diameter of 4 mm. So that the snow mass, a screw directed mechanism in the drum is captured by the blades and getting a strong enough acceleration, is 3-5 m (depending on wind) to the side of the clearing places through the pipe with put on his box-shaped “trunk”.
To transfer the torque from the engine to the rotor shaft, and the worm reducer, V-belts serve as A-100 and matching pulleys. Belt tension is ensured by installation of pads under the motor and through slots in the rear gearbox.
The blower housing is made of aluminum sheets 2 mm thick and 20X20 mm. the Parts are fastened together by rivets with diameter 4 mm and M4 screws. Downstairs there is a ski that sets the “level slice” of snow and facilitate the operation and transportation of the machine.
The body of the snow blower without the protective casing for the chain of transmission.
The body of the snow blower without the protective casing for chain (from aluminum sheets with a thickness of 2 mm and area of 20X20 mm):
1 — side panel (2 PCs, left without hole), 2 — cover, 3 — outlet box, 4 — frame electric motor (mount — at the place of installation and type of engine) 5 — the drum (aluminum boiler 20 l), 6 — bracket for truck (at the place of installation and type of truck), 7 — a wall “head-on”, 8 — shovel 9 — ski (strip of 3-20 mm Steel, 2 PCs.) 10 — frame of the reducer (at the place of installation and type of reducer).
The photo depicts an embodiment of a housing of the blower.

As the chassis applied to the purchase garden cart AZLK. It is attached to the blower and to the frame of the motor. The latest three — phase asynchronous type АИР80В2. Will fit any other power 1.5—2.5 kW working voltage 380 V (connection of windings “star”) or 220 (compound Delta). The engine can include in the single-phase circuit with phase-shifting capacitor, whose capacity is determined by well known, and repeatedly published in the “M-K” formulas and tables (see, for example, the second issue of the magazine, 1986, pp. 28-29).
Of course, the machine can be done offline, independent of the supply network, replacing the electric motor with the internal combustion engine. Here is the best fit and will perfectly fit into the design of new development NPO “Saturn” imeni A. M. Lyulki — engine SN-6D. But the environmental safety of the machine is somewhat reduced.
And one more remark. Power used in the design of the engine is quite enough for rotation of a screw longer than the one proposed here. But this will inevitably entail an increase in the size of the blower. Will appear and difficulties in machine operation, transport and storage.

Technical characteristics of the machine:


Dimensions (without removable “trunk”), mm: 545X1200X1200


Weight, kg: 50


Grip the shovel, mm: 500


The flow of snow (in calm weather), m: 5
Auger: diameter, mm…..250
rotation speed, rpm 100…
The five-blade rotor: diameter, mm……390
rotation speed, rpm……1500
Engine: type — three-phase electric…АИР80В2
power, kW……….2,2
shaft rotation speed, rpm 3000…
Chassis blower: garden cart AZLK


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