WITH THE NAME In the fields of student production teams s the collective farm named after civil war hero Peter Redneck way to find a car. With the appearance of the tractor as the tractor. But look more closely and you will notice a certain “teenage” awkwardness of his farms, more sonorous than the “adult” of the tractor, the voice of the motor. This is understandable: the car has an engine PD-10.

Designed and built a tractor under the guidance of teacher labor N. D. Kruglov young technicians — the students of secondary school of the village Atamanskaya, Krasnodar Krai.
— Machinery on the farm enough, and at the student’s brigade it give when you need, says Bob Kuchmin, the President of the school organization
VOIR. — But this machine in the full sense of our: work with their hands. The purpose of the construction? First of all, teaching kids to drive a tractor — the machine is easy to operate. And of course, working in the fields — spreading manure. Themselves invented and manufactured the spreader is a device which is hung on the tractor rear.

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