SOLAR DRYERFor harvesting for the future fruit for several years, use convenient dryer of our own making. Frame design and vertical placement allows you to place it on the Sunny wall of the garden shed without taking up additional space on the site.
For Assembly of the dryer took the boards 40X40MM and 40x60mm, asbestos sheet 660Х1540 mm, sheet window glass 660X1540 mm, heater (for cloudy days) and hinges. Asbestos cement sheet base can be replaced with plywood or hardboard. From bars to collect two frames 1600X720 mm. To give them the rigidity of the corner connections are made to the spike. The frame cover from the bar 40X40MM glazed and the rear wall of the base sew the sheet material.
On the inner side of the left bar Foundation drill twenty holes Ø 5 mm indented from each other by 60 mm, and in the opposite bar 20 mm above the holes and hammer in nails so that their hats were slightly above the surface. These holes and nails required to install pins strung with slices of fruit. For pins it is better to use stainless wire Ø 4 mm, or steel coated with waterproof varnish.
In the upper and lower bars of the cover need to drill a few holes for ventilation. To exclude the ingress of insects, pull a nylon mesh.
The glazed cover of the dryer is attached to the base on the hinges. In the closed position, it is fixed the usual door hook.
Dryer for fruits.
Dryer for fruits:
1 — sheet of window glass, 2 — timber (40X40 mm), 3 — the ventilation holes (Ø 20 mm), 4 — nichrome wire, 5 terminals, 6 — string, 7 — asbestos sheet heating element, 8 bar (40X60 mm), 9 — pin, 10 — hole (Ø 5 mm), 11 — steel pins, 12 — rear wall (asbestos cement sheet), 13 — bar, 14 — door hinge.
Basic dimensions of the dryer.
Basic dimensions of the dryer.
At the bottom of the dryer is installed auxiliary electric heating element 12, which is easy to make yourself. Need asbestos sheet 220X550 mm and nichrome wire Ø 0,6—0,8 mm.
Electric heating element.
Electric heating element:
1 — nichrome wire, 2 — asbestos sheet, 3 — terminals 4 — mounting hole.
Drilled through the sheet hole stretch wire. Its ends clamped terminals to which the sum of the wire power source. If the rear wall of the base of the dryer made of plywood or hardboard, the installation location of the heating element must be isolated for more asbestos cement sheet.
The assembled rack is fastened on the Sunny South side of the building. Possible stand-alone installation on a vertical swivel stand for better use of solar energy.
For the best warm-up all internal surfaces of the dryer are preferably painted in black color; external well to protect any water-resistant coating (parquet lacquer, enamel paint, etc.). To protect the structure from atmospheric precipitation over her and set light metal visor.
V. MELNIKOV, Arsenyev

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