STEERING MACHINE WITH A MEMORY BLOCKIt differs from steering devices based on electromagnets less weight, reliable fixation of steering, more traction and efficiency. The memory block machine provides a return of the rudder to neutral position (NP) without additional commands.

Engine device have a common axis on which is fixed a worm, included in engagement with the sector gear 5 mounted on the shaft 6 of the steering wheel. The use of two engines working alternately, can simplify the design by eliminating the switching circuit.
The lugs 2 on the ends of the sector limit the deflection and force to operate contacts (limit switches) B1 and B2 of the memory block (in the neutral position the circuit is open).
For example, the commanded right relay R1, the contact R1/3 and R/6 include M1 engine — the steering wheel goes right to the trigger Q1. When the output of the rudder from neutral closed contacts B3 and relay R3. It cambiocorsa contacts RZ/H and through the contacts RZ/6 energizes the motor M2 in preparing automatic return of the steering wheel. At the end of the team right relay R1 de-energized — contacts RZ/6 completing the supply circuit M2, which returns the steering to NP. In the position OT NP contacts are opened, relay R5 is switched off — open contacts RZ/6, interrupting the supply circuit M1.
When re-team the “right” contacts R1 /3, M2 off, M1 is forced to work. In the memory block, there is a replacement command.
Turn left is the same.
Time of shifting rudder depends mainly on worm and worm wheel 1.
The motors M1 and M2 — DC-10 or any other food 3.5 to 6 V.
Relay RES — 6 (passport: RF0.452.109).
Switches (B1, B2, B3) is a contact pair of any relay 3 and 4.
In the device, you can use relays and motors with different voltage, coordinating it with the power source.
S. RYCHKOV, G. Bitter

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