The birth of twins is a joyful event, to be sure. Over time, however, it is complicated by some problems. For example, the kids grew up — they need a double stroller. And shape. In the store, however, this is not easy to find.
How to be? Buy two single? It is possible, but only how to use them on a walk, especially alone? There’s only one solution — make your own. And so I did. Bought the single and turned it.
“The crew” for our kids has used for two years, it was easy and mobile. Besides folding, which is convenient to transport.
And I needed the alteration about two meters of aluminum pipe Ø 15X3 mm, two steel rod-pins Ø 6 mm with M5 threaded at the ends, a scrap of plywood so little of the tarp.
I took off the regular chair and the stroller cut lengthwise into equal halves. Then put them together with pins and nuts M5: top pin serves as a support, a canvas backrest double seat, bottom — the axis of folding of the stroller.
From aluminum pipe sawed off two pieces with length equal to the distance between the ends of the cut handles and the frame of the chair, and with rods Ø 8 mm combined these design details. Axles tied lengths of aluminum pipe. The joints grabbed argon arc welding.
Using a sample cut to a single seat, double stitched, and the seat is reinforced with a sheet of plywood thickness of 4 mm. For kids safety provided seat belt for convenience — foam pillow.
Double “crew”:
1 — half strollers, 2 — insert handle, 3 rods Ø 3 mm, 4 — pole seat-back (pin M5), 5 — axis folding stroller (pin M5), 6 — hinge folding handle with latch, 7, 8 — insert the axles, 9 — insert frame chairs, 10 double chair (tarp), 11 — seat (plywood), 12 — pillow (foam), 13 — seat belts, 14 — strap.
Canvas backrest is additionally charged with straps slung through the handle and edges of the stroller.
C. SUHL, Barnaul

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