DROP FEEIn electronic equipment with high density have more difficulties to get to various units and parts when setting up or replacing them during the renovation. Therefore, in the serial devices are widely used in various moving joints of construction elements. However, in Amateur conditions is not always possible to produce such compounds.
I have developed a small swivel to boards, light covers and walls of buildings. Combining some PCBs (Fig. 1) are compact unfolding structure. The same can be produced fully or partially drop the case.
Details associated with copper wire, forming a loop perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Board and the housing is desirably made of fiberglass with high strength. If you use a more brittle material, hinges connecting strips made of fiberglass, and it’s already fixed parts.
Fig. 1. Layout
Fig. 1. Layout “drop-down” circuit boards:
1 — charge, 2 — swivel, 3 — zone installation.
Perform connection in the following sequence. Fasten boards stacked so that the edge of the bottom were 0.5 mm, and fix the hand grip. Next, at a distance of 2.5 mm from the edge of the upper circuit Board at intervals of 5 mm drilled through holes d of 0.8 mm. If the requirement for connection strength is low, it is sufficient to drill a few holes in two or three places.
Fig. 2. Swivel
Fig. 2. Swivel:
1 — winding, 2 — Board.
The boards then share and lower holes rassverlivajut up to ø 1.5 mm. Finally all the holes senkut on both sides, the edges of the boards round off with a file. After that holes flow through copper winding wire, HMG – 2 of 0.62 as shown in figure 2. The ends of the wire fix.
Instead of winding wire you can use other materials such as nylon fishing line of appropriate diameter.

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