TUB IN THE CLOSET...TUB IN THE CLOSET...Depicted in the drawing bath is designed for apartments where there are no special facilities. “Hiding” it in a wooden Cabinet, made according to the dimensions of the bath. The box itself is assembled from particle Board with a thickness of about 20 mm, on the outside it is coated with synthetic film “under the tree” and inside: “tile” with tiles.

Of course, the bath should be stamped steel or plastic — cast explicitly for this purpose is not necessary. Drain water is carried through the flexible rubber hose of such length that it does not kink and sharp bends in both baths.
Place hinge it is recommended to choose so that in the upright tub of his weight against the wall — it will give an additional guarantee of safety. To raise the tub it is easiest, of course, by hand, without the use of any mechanisms, but it is better to make a primitive winch with a ratchet — then the installation of the bath is for a child. Hinges are placed on the brackets, privernutyh to flanging. In the raised position of the tub is fixed with a catch.
Vladimir GUREVICH, Kharkov

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