ARSENAL OF HALTI want to share with readers his small devices, providing added convenience in the organization of the fire in camp during a weekend trek or a trip to his native land. One of the common “bonfire men” problems — search and billet pegs for tents and flyers for the crossbar, and the crossbar for hanging pots or buckets over the fire. Most often this affects young trees ruthlessly cut down — and all only for one time use.

Because trips often go, we decided to optimize the equipment in this regard.


Pegs and racks

First of all, solved the problem of pegs and racks for tent — made them from metal corners with shelves 30×30 mm. Turned out eight pegs with a length of 150 mm and two racks (in accordance with the height of the tent). With one end cut them at a sharp angle that were easier to land and safer holding cords stretch tents. In addition, on the upper ends of workpieces, it is advisable to bend the petal of one of the shelves — get comfortable resistant pad. It, additionally, it may abut the edge of the pegs when folded, making them safe to carry. With the same purpose should do under these packaging pouches.

The same shelves should be on both ends of racks: one will build a tent awning, and the other will serve as a safe bearing if the focus racks to the floor set up tents.


All for a bonfire

With kostrovye facilities did so. Of the mentioned metal corners have prepared two racks, designed to replace the flyer. In the upper ends of the drilled hole with a diameter of 8 mm, inserted at the S-shaped hook made of welding rods with diameter 3 mm, obev the coating. On these hooks hung left from old economic Affairs metal chain about a meter long: she began to perform the role of a bonfire bar.


For hanging her pots and kettle from the same electrode produced a few hooks is also S-shaped but with the added bends of the trailing edges, so as not clung to, and besides, it was easier to remove suspended capacity with a hook. In fact, these hooks, it is advisable to have more than suspended utensils: because with their help you can also adjust the level of suspension depending on the condition of the fire.

Chain and case

By analogy with the hooks can be made itself a chain-bar, if there is no ready. It might even be easier, because such a chain will get split, which will give additional convenience when folding it for transportation.


Racks, pegs and hooks sew special leatherette cover or tarpaulin, with a strap over the shoulder for ease of carrying like a gun.

This kit will be useful not only for tourist but also a hunter or angler, any lover of active recreation.

A. SMELYANSKY, Saint-Petersburg

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