BUSH KITCHENETTEOffer a kitchenette allows you to prepare food in field conditions in any weather. Particularly suitable for hikes of the day off, as “no axe”: runs on dry fuel sold in sporting stores and also on the forest “trash”: twigs, wood chips, pine needles.
For the manufacture of food will need three aluminum cans: one, two and three quarts. The smaller ones are used as cooking vessels. Their alteration is cutting necks and drilling in the remaining “shoulder” holes removable wire handle. To during the cooking tanks can be closed, should be subject to revision and covers. To do this, the cover of the two-liter cans made 12 cuts; the petals are folded outward through one of approximately 60°. Cover edges a little tank also folded, and to clean the inside of the container in the stowed position of the kitchen is cropped on two sides in accordance with the diameter of the neck.
Fig. 1. Hiking kitchenette in the assembled position (the top of the tanks not shown).
Fig. 1. Hiking kitchenette in the assembled position (tank cover not shown):
1 — furnace body, 2 — tank 2 l, 3 — tank 1 l, 4 — stop (3 PCs), 5 — “grate”, 6 — cover, 7 — pad, 8 — knob (3 PCs).
Fig. 2. The revision covers two-liter reservoir.
Fig. 2. The revision covers two-liter reservoir.
Fig. 3. Revision cover liter tank.
Fig. 3. Revision cover litre tank.
Fig. 4. Emphasis (a size In — place).
Fig. 4. Emphasis (a size In — place).
Of the three-liter cans made of furnace body food. In its bottom is cut a hole with a diameter 2 mm larger than the diameter of the two-liter cans. Then on the transitional part of the neck are drilled in a staggered two rows of holes with a diameter of 8 mm and a number near the bottom.
These holes need to release gases and produce thrust. On the side surface is cut a rectangular hole — burner and is enclosed invoice frame.
To install the digester tanks are three stops of duralumin area, riveted inside the case. It remains to priklopiti the lid and put the “grate” for fuel — the circle of wire mesh.
The kitchenette is designed for two people and weighs 1.1 kg. If to make the body of a five-gallon cans, and in one-, two – and three-liter to cook, you get the option of food for four. This design is successfully used for the past three seasons.

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