CATAMARAN ON THE MATTRESSESFor lovers of hikes of the day off prefer to relax on the water, great interest will present an unusual variant of the lightweight catamaran, published in the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”. This is a single pleasure “boat” with a rowing treadle, which is based on two beach inflatable mattress They are used without modification or any improvement, therefore retain its traditional meaning. And to go on them in a small swimming — perhaps fishing or just a ride — enough to lay a small wooden frame with attached to it a conventional folding chair, popular with vacationers and retirees.


Since air mattresses — products purchased (ready-made), will concentrate on the frame-base of a catamaran She is going from wooden laths with cross-section 40×20 mm and consists of two longitudinal poles with a length of 1700 mm and fastening them cross the’ one front with a length of 640 mm and two 1100 mm. Between the support and the crossmember are connected to the furniture bolts with wing nuts for ease of Assembly and disassembly. The front and middle cross member while mounted flat (first to top of the supports, the second from the bottom), and the rear — bottom and lap, so that she entered a cross-span of inflatable balloons each mattress of This connection is enough to do without additional connections of the frame with the mattress (although if necessary you can seal and optional)






1 — support longitudinal (2 CC),


2 — rail frame, medium,


3 — cross member frame, front,


4 pedal (2 PCs);


5 — link (2 PCs),


6 — panel propeller blade (metal plate, 2 PCs),


7 clamp the rear crossmember,


8 clamp middle cross member,


9 — blade propeller (2pcs),


10 — loop pedal (2 PCs),


11 — bolt with wing nut (6 PCs),


12 — cross member of frame, rear,


13 — inflatable mattresses.


After the frame base is assembled, the middle and the rear crossmember is mounted a folding chair and attached metal clamps from steel or dural band.


It remains to be determined even mentioned rowing drive — two foot pedals, resulting in back-and-Stateline the movement of two blades, bent in half from the thick rubber from inner tubes. The pedals are metal plate, having a hinge of Vostochnoi loop, attached in turn to the front cross-bar Plates are connected with the blades in a special way — curved (see Fig ) metal rods of a rod with a diameter of 6 mm, a hook-like ends of which are screwed with M4 screws For ease of Assembly and disassembly of loop pedals can be attached to the crossmember also bolts with wing nuts.


Final Assembly of the catamaran is made in shallow water near shore: water fit air mattresses, and they gently lowered and properly aligned them with the frame of the seat and drive.


To protect the wood from excessive moisture all elements of the frame are thoroughly impregnated with linseed oil and painted with several layers of oil paints or waterproof paints.

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