How to choose a cage for fishing

How to choose a cage for fishingCages various quite a lot, and can be quite difficult to choose them, what kind of tank is needed? What are the differences and so on. Therefore, you first need to understand what a nursery is, the parameters, and how they differ from each other.

Options cages

It is obvious that the first main parameter of the tank is its length. Professional fishermen are advised not to buy cages shorter than 3 meters, because the slightest tilt in the direction of the water (especially if you are going to catch the big fish) and the fish can jump out of the cage, and also because SADC small fish will not be comfortable. The next parameter is the form of rings, and there are two forms: rectangular and round. Rectangular shape stays better in terms of flow, but round, pretty much will ride. Of great importance is the material from which made rings, plastic or metal, to buy of course better metal, though he is more expensive, but will last longer than plastic. It is also worth to pay attention to the material from which made the mesh cage, it can be made of: synthetic, braided fabric, polyester, as well as breziny. The best is the option with brezinou (Brezina dries pretty quickly, it’s light, and it does not stick mucus) but it is quite expensive, as an alternative it is better to choose synthetic.

How to choose the right tank?

First and foremost You need to decide for what purpose You need it for and how often You will use it. If You fish a few times a year, it makes no sense to buy a very expensive tank. The best option would be synthetic tank with a dense weave and rectangular rings, the perfect length with 3-4 meters. You need to pay attention to that, not if the rings sewn into the net. Because when sewn, the grid quickly prodiraetsya should be buying only from non-sewn rings. Avoid too cheap offers, remember that for the money you pay. If this is Your first purchase, it is better to take with you when you go shopping for a competent person who will help to make the right choice. From my own experience that good companies selling cages are such as: Starbaits MILSPEC EXPERT, Sensas, and Salmo.

Where to buy live fishing?

The best option is the Internet. Simply enter in the google place request “cage fishing” and You will display all the necessary information. I do not recommend buying cages on the market, as the vast majority of cages on it is not high quality.


And so we have considered all the main types of cages that are on the fishing market, also considered the key elements are that which you need, which Warren best buy. I hope that thanks to these recommendations You pick up the right tank for fishing. You should also write about the proper care of SADC, it is necessary carefully to dry and wash tank after fishing, as these rules will help to avoid unpleasant odor and also to keep the tank intact. I hope You enjoyed the reading, all good!



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