SAUNA IN HASTETo build this sauna is not too difficult. She is very good at holding heat, it’s light, spacious, and relax here better than in the long been known to tourists the sauna from the usual tent, and over the many years of operating experience of the bathhouse showed itself from the best side.

To make a sauna, buy at a sports store two plastic awning tent size 3X5 m, tailor cloth fabric size of about 1,5X3 m and pick up the rope for dock of frame elements. But the boulders for furnace and poles — future frame — pozyskiwania on the spot.
Sauna begin to build from the furnace. This is the most time consuming and critical part of the work. On the banks of a river or pond, where you can find materials for furnace, look for a flat area with a size of about 2X2 m With one side of flat stones laid square meter Foundation. On it are mounted the side walls of the fire boxes — oblong rectangular boulders, located at a distance of 20…30 cm from each other. Their length should be 40…50 cm and a height of 30…40 cm to Look for such plates is not so easy, so wall of fire boxes can be made out of boulders of a smaller size. It’s not even bad — the gap between the stones will create the best conditions for combustion and heating furnaces. On top of these boulders, put a stone plate, so that over the Central part of the fire boxes left hole (something like a chimney) through which a flame will penetrate into the upper part of the furnace. Subsequent layers of stones also are placed so that there is a Central hole. Crowns the walls of a small plate, overlapping the Central hole. Here you can put the dishes to heat the water. Ready the furnace should be tapered and not touch the ceiling of the sauna is 40 to 50 cm In the process of construction of the furnace the rear hole of the fire boxes are closed with boulders. Experience has shown that the best way to build a kiln with two fire boxes.
So, furnace is lined. Now in the fire boxes need to Stoke the fire and maintain it within 2 to 3 h. it should be remembered that the first heating furnace of the stones are cracked. Their tears turned into vapor the moisture contained in them. And although most of it happens inside the oven, you still need to be careful.
The frame of the sauna fit simultaneously with the display of the furnace, although in principle this can be done in the process of melting.
The furnace is shielded by additional struts to tent with her touch. Tying of framing members is made with ropes. Wire it does not fit, she is very hot and proplase film. On the frame there should not be knots and sharp edges that easily puncture the heated film.
When the oven is sufficiently heated, the fire boxes are removed from the ashes, its remains filled with water. A small amount of water from the furnace is washed off the ash and dust. The top frame snaps fabric cloth (in principle, can be used instead of the Cape or other clothing), which protects the film from the heat of the oven and it eliminates damage to the frame. Next on the frame pull both plastic awning. Their edges pressed stones; in place of the joint is provided by overlapping edges 30…40 cm In this area they are pressed thrown over the frame with a rope, the ends of which are attached weights (small stones). Sauna is equipped with and the kind of door that represents the owl lowered the awning with a few more film stock than the side walls. Still not completely closed the sauna the air is heated very quickly. Remains to be a broom. In the bath at the same time…fits 3 to 4 people. And one kiln firing is sufficient for a good warm up of 10-15 people.
Of course, such a sauna, it is advisable to put where You often or long rest. Solidly made frame and the oven will serve you not one season from spring to autumn. During the next vacation will only need to heat the oven and cover the frame of the awning.

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