TENT WITH HEATING...Not yet the spring sun as it should be overwintered warm the frozen ground; the forests have not disappeared snowy clearing — and avid travelers at the start of the first campaigns. Out of the closets, attics get backpacks, tents, mats and sleeping bags: the most daring hikers go away for weekends, and even overnight stays. The fire, of course, heat and cold, and what a night in a tent? Here, because the fire will not be bred, and a candle it is not very warm, and dangerous.

However, the tourism fraternity of invention. Experienced Moscow travellers Roxin A. and L. Tsukanov found an ingenious way unusual “steam” heating tent. After the fire is out there, how not to use a generous heat of the fire. And they figured out how.
…That’s the place to camp, pitch a tent, and at the required distance from the already crackling fire in the twigs and hung pots for cooking simple tourist food. It’s time to take care of warm overnight. To do this, in the fire laid a piece of a metal pipe, the ends of which extend beyond burning fireplaces and burning embers. By the end, which faces the tent, it connects the outgoing hose or several tubular segments (diameter and connection by analogy with the vacuum cleaner): for him to be the heated air from the pipe in the fire, and the cold will be sucked into the other end of the pipe. And so his traction was good, it is desirable to lay the piping so that it went downhill up to the tent: the steeper, the more intensive the flow of heated air. So it was not too hot, pipe in a fire may be wrapped with asbestos or covered with clay. To adjust the temperature of the incoming air tent, covering or blocking any of the holes of the “pipeline”. Such heating is quite safe, it can be safely left for the night, how many will burn and smolder the fire.
I wonder what the principle is, if you think about it, pretty versatile and can be used not only for the described purposes.
Disposable bath
Tourists or geologists on the expedition described technology will help to organize in the field a steam bath. This will suit a spacious tent, and if not — it is easy to build from films for greenhouses, slung across strung between the trees cords and pinning to the ground stones at its edges. It only remains to draw from a fire described “the pipeline”. And while hanging over the fire buckets to warm the water heats up and bath, to the delight of longing for civilization the travelers.
Heat sink system from the fire for organizing a makeshift camp bath
Heat sink system from the fire for organizing a makeshift camp bath
Such wish can still home in advance to prepare all necessary and take a hike appropriate components, since they do not represent such a marker or cumbersome cargo.
Frosts are not terrible
In suburban areas the Amateur gardeners who grow plants in greenhouses, a lot of trouble delivers a sharp night cold or spring frosts, which were usually completely unpredictable.
Heating tourist tents
Heating tourist tents:
1 tent; 2—output end of the heating pipe; 3—integral parts of the “pipeline”; 4—fire tube; 5—input end of the pipe (intake)

Using the community of a heat pipe for heating greenhouses
The use of community heating line for heating greenhouses
However “campfire heating” and here able to help out in dangerous plants period. Just enough in advance to prepare the pit and lay from it to the greenhouse, a suitable hose or pipe, and at the time of the onset of low temperatures to ignite the fire, the benefit of problems with the wood on plots not happen. It remains only to control the degree of heating of the air in the greenhouse and when you need to ventilate to maintain optimal for plant temperature.
And the ice will melt
Where water supply is organized through the water column, in the winters of frequent cases of freezing when the ice tube is not water tight. Then you should think about the described technique to unfreeze the column. You will need around it to build a makeshift cover out of sheet material (cardboard, linoleum or roofing material) and serve it hot air from a divorced near a fire. After a while the ice column melts and the water supply restored.
This method will help, if chilled any part of the water pipe. Appropriate place it also puts a temporary case of teplosernaya materials, and from fire hose pipe, hot air is supplied.
Heat from the fire for thawing frozen hydrant
Heat from the fire for thawing frozen hydrant:
1 — column; 2—cover; 3—the binding of sheets of the cover; 4 — a hose of the heat from the fire; 5—rag

Warming up the frozen water
Warming up the frozen water:
1—pipe; 2 — cover; 3—obstruction of the cover cloth; 4 — coupling cover sheets; 5—a hose of the heat from the fire

These bags are welling to a pipe loose and overlap, and the top cinch cord or wire. The end holes of the cover overlap the padding of old Newspapers or rags. If necessary fasten it with a wire, and one case the end of the pipe from the fire.

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