STUFF? AND IN THE CAMPAIGN - NO SMALL THINGAt home, when everything is at hand, everyday problems are solved easier, can not be said about camping life in the campaign – be it a tourist, a geologist, surveyor. Here often helps advance preparation or resourcefulness, the ingenuity, so necessary in a so-called field conditions.

Flat bucket…
If you are going on a camping trip, it is necessary to subject to a strict selection all prepared for this stuff – after all, as sung in the popular “outdoorsmen” song: “because of the little space in the backpack.”

This is especially true of bulky items, such as a bucket. However, seasoned travelers bucket can be… flat, and at the right time – again three-dimensional, which is at rest will be able to get water even more than usual.


Collapsible canvas bucket

Collapsible canvas bucket:

1 – housing; 2 – spacer; 3 shackle buckets

Making patterns of the case by placing on a metal bucket

Making patterns the body by placing on a metal bucket:

1 – canvas flap; 2 – a bucket-pattern; 3 – studs (pins)


The fact that it is not metal, but specially made for walking – from a thin canvas (or similar waterproof fabric). It is known that the tarp after getting wet is almost not pervious to water, allowing you to deliver it in a bucket, even those not located close to the source.

Training original parts

To make such a bucket is easy and available to almost everyone “the outdoorsman”. It is cut in the shape of the two flaps separately for the shell and bottom. Their sizes are selected depending on the desired capacity, i.e., the final volume of the produced bucket.

The easiest way to cut out the body – overlay fabric on a suitable metal bucket and securing it with pins, with a small seam. The bottom can be marked up at the place, placing the flap under the bottom of a metal bucket and also leaving the contour of a narrow strip on the seam allowance.


The sequence of the seam

The sequence of the seam:

1 – a simple line; 2 – bending of the seam allowance; 3 – double layer tab seam; 4 – firmware “shirt” seam


The following blanks are spacers (upper) metal ring and shackle to him. Both parts are made of a suitable rigid wire. At the same time on opposite sides of the ring are ears under the rim, and at the end of the last return bent hooks under them.

The manufacture and Assembly of

Sewing a canvas bucket can be performed in two ways. First – to have experience on the sewing machine: they will not be difficulties at first, separately to stitch the pattern of the enclosure and then into the cylinder to attach the bottom. However, do not be scared to take it and do not have such experience, as you can do without machines, using just a large (“Gypsy”) needle with a strong (severe) thread and several other sequence of connection of the workpieces. The gist of it is that to simplify you can begin to stitch the bottom of the billet shell with a bottom gradually, “circle”, and then to carry the vertical seam of the body of the bucket. This sequence is suitable for sewing both by hand and on a typewriter.

Doing a simple stitch, convert it to the so-called “shirt”, double, providing in this case a more reliable sealing. To do this, you tuck the seam allowance to obtain the double layer and stitched again.

After completing the manufacture of the body of the bucket, begin to build it with metal parts. Perform pre-spacer ring, promeris the length of the perimeter of the neck of the case and twisting the wire ends (or “hide” them in a small sleeve of suitable diameter, objav it for fastening the inserted ends).

On the ring diametrically opposite sides of the prepared curves of the ears under the bow. Latest runs of the same (or heavier) wire, with a ring bends at the ends that connect to eyelets spacer rings.

Spacer ring will now have to connect with the finished building. For this purpose the upper edge of the last bends on the spacer ring and stitched dual track seam. The finished bucket ready for storage in a convenient flat pack trips.

And a bucket of soft

Very convenient for use in field conditions unique soft bucket, invented, apparently, a truck driver, because it is made from the inner tube. The only thing it’s inferior to the canvas – is a little more mass, but make it easier and faster.

For this approach segment of any camera with a length of approximately one meter. At both of its ends with a tubular punch relying on a stump punched two through holes, the distance between them should be equal to about the width of a palm. If now from one hole to the other to cut with a knife longitudinal “window” – get a kind of handle for an unusual bucket. It is necessary to put the tire in the water and cheer for the “handle” on both sides – rubber cylinder will fold in half, forming a two-piece container of water, which is convenient to carry quick step and even Jogging, as this bucket of water never spill.


Soft bucket

Soft bucket:

1 — cut the inner tube; 2 – tubular punch; 3 a hammer; 4 – knife; 5 – ready two-piece bucket

If you use the soft buckets for water for drinking purposes it is advisable cut the camera is subjected to processing to hit is not very pleasant to smell natural taste of rubber. You can along with from mylenium in soapy solutions with repeated changes of water for greater effect, add baking soda or vinegar.

And smokehouse

Among the tourists a lot of avid fans of fishing, the results of which are just asking to immediately cook something fragrant, delicious fresh catch. And if soup is always some pot, here to prepare this, without competition specialties like smoked fish, requires special equipment. Smokehouse, which are commercially available, represent the all-in-one metal box, which can hardly be called mobile appropriate is that for trailering.

However, by analogy with the canvas bucket can be made comfortable for Hiking collapsible smoker, almost the same flat, do not require a large space in your backpack. According to the materials and technologies – everything is repeated, as at the bucket; the only thing the design of the smokehouse will be different is only the bottom part.

Here is the fabric – metal bottom, which is a wire bolted to the body of the metal container (such as herring) or low saucepan. Inside it, in turn, the Bank placed a slightly smaller diameter with the holes on the walls is a table-smoker. Under it poured layer alder or aspen shavings, and on top of the table is placed the prepared for Smoking fish.


Portable smoker

Portable smoker:

1 – the handle of the housing; 2 – cover (canvas or wood); 3 – spacer wire ring; 4 – main body; 5 – wire tie; 6 – metal bottom; 7 – Bank-smoker; 8 – wood chips

Smokehouse is suspended over the coals away from the fire, their heat enough that the chips have begun to smolder, and the smoke from them through the holes of the smoker filled the whole body. The fish on his table not only cares, but also acquires a delicious aroma of smoked meats.

After cooking, this smoker is easy to clean, and then folded into a compact package.


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