A HINGEWhat is the transmission from the engine to the wheels, automodelismo-speed specialist no need to explain — its production and refinement is paid no less attention than to the engine. After all, it affects the behavior of the model Assembly depending on the microrelief coating on a high-speed qualities of this sport “shell”.

One of the time consuming nodes transmission has always been the driveshaft or rather its hinges. Not so easy with such small dimensions of this part to provide high precision of manufacture, high reliability, satisfactory durability. I want to offer the readers of the journal a relatively simple manufacturing techniques that are important for the model node.
Hinge design is simple. As can be seen from the figure, this shaft, whose ends are fixed steel balls, each with four holes around the circumference. Mate knuckle couplers — metal cups with four semicircular grooves.
Swivel Stasi between the coupling halves or four steel balls. That’s all.
Manufacturer of hinge, start with the selection of balls. For polutorachasovoj model with engine of 1.5 cm3 — need a Central ball Ø 6 mm, four edge is about 1.5 mm. six-millimeter should be annealed (heated to dark blue of a tint and cool air), then drill a Central hole. Do it best on a lathe, holding the ball in the frame.
After that, the circumference of the ball nastelivaetsya four deepening — need to try to complete as possible exactly what the markup better be on the dividing head.
In the manufacture of the second coupling half steel glass — note that the center hole need to be drilled out in the last turn — after will be drilled four peripheral holes.
That’s all the technology. It is not too complicated, but requires accuracy and thoroughness in the processing of parts, knowledge of the intricacies of heat treatment.
V. KRIEGER, master of sports of the USSR, Yaroslavl

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