AGAIN, THE MOTORTo drive in many modern pneumatic machines and tools required compressed air pressure of 3-4 ATM. Is it possible to build a mechanism which effectively would have used a pressure slightly above atmospheric? It turns out that modeling proves it.

In the model of the pistons is applied to the membrane of sheet rubber, is sandwiched between the plastic rings. The air under them is blown through nozzles equipped with junction roller.
Serially receiving portions of air under pressure of 1.2— 1.4 ATM. membrane swell and move along the guide pushers. Those, in turn pushing on the Cam, forcing it to rotate around its axis. At repeated repetition of this process, the output shaft begins to rotate evenly, you can select the power for the drive load mechanism.
The shaft speed depends on the frequency and consistency of operation of the distribution rollers and the power from the input pressure, not exceeding, however, the tensile strength of the rubber membranes.
Pneumatic motor
The pneumatic motor:
1 — fitting inlet and outlet air, 2 — distribution roller 3 plastic rings, 4 — membrane, 5 — guide, 6 — follower, 7 — eccentric, 8 — output shaft.

The air motor of low power, are based on this model could be used where need quiet or fire. For its smooth operation would be enough to have a small compact compressor.

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