CALM THE SURFER IS NOT A HINDRANCESpeed sailing boards is such that it can compete even with well-known for its rapidity “tea clippers”. This is achieved thanks to perfect hydrodynamics easy float-casing. Contours it is designed to blend with dignity as semi-displacement and planing vessels.
But windsurfer, however, as the Board or any other type of, always dependent on the wind. In complete calm even the most wonderful form of housing will not help him to budge.
Meanwhile, to turn the mini-sailboat in the likeness of a skiff is a rowing boat for rowing competitions is very easy. Not only will this allow you to use the surfer in the wind, but to have a great trainer for rowing, almost harmoniously develops all muscle groups.
Fig. 1. A rowing attachment for surfer
Fig. 1. A rowing attachment for a surfer:
1, 5 — crossmember-frame (square tube 20X20 mm), 2, 6, the longitudinal elements of the frame (square tube 20X20 mm) 3 — movable bench, 4 — tube bracket (pipe 12X1,5 mm), 7 — foot rest

Look at the pictures. As you can see, to convert the surfer in a skiff will need a metal frame with mounted on it a movable bench, a footrest and a pair of rowlocks.
The production of this kind of console should start with a frame Pick up two steel pipe with a length of 1400 mm and two with length of 400 mm square (20X20 mm) or round (0 25 mm) section. When welding try to survive precisely parallel to the long sides of the rectangle, which are a kind rails for movable benches.
Fig. 2.Movable bench
Fig. 2.The movable bench:
1 — crossbar,2 — longitudinal element.3 — nut M8 with washer,4 — wheel (PCB),5 — axle(steel rod ø 8 mm),6 — strip.

The brackets are also welded oarlocks, they will need a steel pipe with an external d 12 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. Hinges oarlocks — made of pipe sections with inner d 12 mm. They are welded to steel plates with a thickness of 2-3 mm, and those in turn — to the tubular brackets.
In the rear of the frame is fixed an l-shaped retainer made of flat steel and cut the pipe d 20 mm — it prevents displacement of the frame relative to the body surfer. Therefore, when you install the console on the hull of the Board don’t forget to tuck the tube of the bracket into the hole of the mast steps. At the front of the frame, in its longitudinal pipes, drill the holes for the footrest. Their d 8 mm pitch — 50 mm. Total on each side of these holes require five or six. This will allow you to more accurately set the focus in accordance with the height of the oarsman. Plank fence is made of plywood 12 mm thick. the Hinges are pieces of square tubes welded thereto with bolts M8.
Fig. 3. Paddle
Fig. 3. Paddle
After welding, grind the welds, Prime the frame with lead minium and paint it with enamel of a suitable color.
The movable bench is going NC frame made up of wooden bars section 25X^0 mm, and the sheathing of planks with a width of 40 mm and a thickness of 10-15 mm. After gluing is advised to impregnate the wood with hot linseed oil and after drying, cover with several layers of oil varnish.
Fig. 4. Ular for feet
Fig. 4. Ular for legs:
1 — bolt M8. 2 — adapter. 3 screws M8. 4 —. the bandwagon.

The wheels of the bench turned. It is best to make them out of the PCB — it is well “lubricated” with water to the same moves on “tracks” is almost silent. But in the absence of this material can use the aluminum. To install wheels on the bench will require two axis of the steel rod ø 8 mm with thread on each end.
Oarlocks suggest to cook from cuts steel rods ø 10 and 12 mm. After welding, grinding and painting on the plugs rowlocks must be stretched pieces of rubber or plastic hose — it will protect the oars from damage. The hinges oarlocks are secured by washers and cotter pins. By the way, similarly fixed on the forks and pieces of the hose.
Fig. 5. Rowlocks
Fig. 5. Thole
Paddles you can use, but it is better to make a new one specifically for your rowing shell. Pick up the two straight grained (preferably spruce) planks with a thickness of about 50 mm and vygruznoy (chorus) saw carefully cut out the outline of the paddle. From scraps pick up the piece and glue it with epoxy where the paddle blade goes into the shaft. Treat the paddle as shown in the figure, Proskura thoroughly soaked two or three times with hot linseed oil with intermediate drying and color bright enamel. The obedient wind, light and agile Board sailing on land turns into a twenty logs, with which to cope alone will not so easy, even if the idea is to simply drag it from car to water. In such cases a kind of microtack made from the front “axle” of the roller Board-scibona, a piece of old car tyre and textile strap. Use the wheels from the skateboard comfortably that when tilting the supporting platforms rotates on the king pin front axle, and this makes it easy to maneuver when transporting surfer.

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