CARING MACHINESometimes the competition for RC model, not obeying commands, is out of sight. Flies knows where the result of months of labor and expensive equipment. A simple automatic device developed gorsyut Alma-ATA will provide a forced fit of the model. It will stop the engine after some time after the failure of the receiver.

The main part of the device — a valve with a circular groove. It provides the supply of fuel from the main fuel tank in time. Operated by a valve lever connected with the rudder. Fuel through the annular undercut all the time enters the time tank.
When malfunction of the rudder stops in the neutral position, the lever system will immediately install the valve in the closed position. The access time of fuel in the tank from the main stop. Once out of fuel the engine will stop and the model will make an emergency landing in sight.
Caring machine
Caring machine:
1 — time tank, 2 — drain pipe timing tank, 3 — core tank, 4 — the drain pipe of the main tank, 5 — fuel filler neck, 6 —rudder, 7 — pull rudder, 8 — servo 9 — pull valve, 10 — valve, 11 — cylinder, 12 — hole for air release.
The capacity of the timing reservoir is determined by calculating the momentary fuel consumption. In practice, it is enough to make the tank and 30-40 with the engine.
The device worked fine, tubing and fittings shall have an internal diameter of not less than 4 mm. Time tank to perform better in the float chamber. Then the fuel level therein is maintained constant, regardless of the relative heights of the main tank.

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