DEL'TALET ON A LEASHA kite is considered to be the grandfather of modern aircraft. This harness motorless soaring leader was the first aircraft in the so long ago, when there was still such thing — aviation. Unfortunately, in the future, kites were replaced by more udachlivey fellow sky — models of gliders and planes.

Our time is characterized by the revival of kite sports, the occurrence of which is associated with the emergence of managed highly maneuverable acrobatic snake-ultralights capable of performing complex most complex aerobatics. Today, sport kite on crest of youth interest. There are several reasons. First of all, the relative simplicity of these aircraft, consisting, usually, of several slats, piece of fabric, a handful of rubber bands Yes coil of strong twine. At the same time, the creation of a pilot snake-ultralights — it’s a fun creative process that is associated with the search for the optimal geometric and aerodynamic parameters of the machine depend on its maneuverability, lifting capacity, speed, etc.

Currently runs acrobatic kites are played by thousands of enthusiasts. A model enterprise in many countries of the world produce kits parcels kits to build kites and hundreds of the various assemblies necessary for operation of these aircraft. However, to Russia it all still comes in small quantities. However, in our country, which has one of the most serious schools of engineering work, fabrication of the necessary components even at home — no problem.

Today we introduce one of the easiest kites-deltalyo in which you can master the technology of manufacturing of individual components and their Assembly, the method of launch and control the kite.
Acrobatic snake-deltaT (bottom view)
Acrobatic snake-deltaT (bottom view):
1 — frame; 2 — wing; 3 — bridle.
Frame snake-ultralights (bottom view)
Frame snake-ultralights (bottom view):
1, 12, 13 — ending; 2, 11 rails-side rails; 3, 10 nodes connecting side; 4. cross; 5. Central; 6 — node connecting nasal; 7, 9 — attachment points of the bridle; 8 — connecting the Central node.

Fastening the bridle to the Central rail
Fastening the bridle to the Central rail.
Fastening the bridle to the side rail
Fastening the bridle to the side rail.

Docking framework
The connecting nodes of the frame:
A — side with a bracket of fastening of a bridle; — bow; — Central; G — fastening of a bridle; E — ending.
Attaching the wing to the Central rail frame

Attaching the wing to the Central rail of the frame:
1 — quickdraw (office or pharmacy gum); 2 — wing; 3. Central; 4 — ending(the cap of a marker or a ballpoint pen).

Most common fasteners handrails and bridles snake-ultralights

The most common fasteners of rails and tie snake-ultralights:
A — carabiner attaching the bridle to the side rail; B — carabiner attaching the rail to the ring of the bridle; In — crepe-tion of the bridle to the ring.

The scheme of this snake follows the classic hang glider, with all its construction elements have two lateral, one Central and one transverse strips, and a fabric sail-wing.
For a snake of that size would need four wooden (pine or spruce) strips 8 mm in diameter. circular saw or hacksaw longitudinal recess for the rack width 10 mm smooth, without knots and ROE Board thickness 10 mm. thus Obtained bars of square cross section are rounded with a plane and calibrated for what they are best pass through a special device, which is a steel strip with a thickness of 4-5 mm with drilled in her holes with diameters of 9; 8,8; 8,5; 8,2 and 8 mm. workpiece Sequentially passing through these holes (in descending order of diameter), you can get a completely round smooth rail. In the end they eskoriatza and covered with any furniture or parquet varnish.
Frame Assembly a snake is made using the connecting parts are made of a resilient tubular and evil cops. It is best suited for this purpose plastikovye elastic or rubber tubing, vnutrennim diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the rails of the frame.
For coupling of the transverse and side strips pinacolada two tubes with a length of 70-80 mm, in which the transverse cut in the middle a hole diameter of 7mm. hole in the elastic connecting parts are best cut out with a punch — steel tube, the walls of which on one side sharpened. You only need to enter beforehand into a plastic tube round wooden rod.
For joining of the Central and lateral rails, you will need an elastic tube with a length of about 100 mm with a hole in it two transverse holes.
And finally, for the front of the docking station needs two tubes: one is smooth, without holes, with a length of about 90 mm and the second length of about 70 mm, with a transverse through hole. Device hubs in the illustrations.
Two elastic tube with a length of about 40 mm with a Central transverse hole needed for the attachment of leads to the control of the Central rail. In addition, the node includes a bracket, bent from strips of duralumin cross-section of 5×1,5 mm.
Endings of the Central and side strips can be made from suitable diameter caps from felt-tip pens or ballpoint pens. Enough to saw through them with a needle file a shallow groove, as shown on the drawings.
Soft shell wing snake-ultralights sewn from thin air-tight fabric — this goes to the jackets. It will have to master a sewing machine — manually stitch the sail-wing although it is possible, but this operation is much hard work. The main seams used in the manufacture of sheathing, shown in the figures. Before proceeding to practice on scraps of fabric, achieving the perfect connecting joints.
Then, on any paper of suitable size is drawn, the pattern of the wing shell is cut out the paper model finally specified dimensions — it is highly likely that you will need to make any adjustments in accordance with the actual size of the frame. Only then can you transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut the workpiece.
Practicing maneuvers
Practicing the maneuvers:
for a start, swinging left and right (A); this is “horizontal eight” (B); and —”the corner” (In).
Ways of sewing the wing

The main methods of sewing the wing:
A — a conventional seam; B — seam reinforced; sealing of tip; D, e — manufacturing pockets.
The individual elements of the wing

The individual elements of the wing:
A boat with a grommet; B — holes-tie-eyelet-treated seam “zigzag”; a window to the side pocket. treated seam “zigzag”.
The most common types of knobs acrobatic snakes

The most common types of knobs acrobatic snakes:
And — stick-bracelets for soft kites with great lifting power; B — stick-loop soft; In — rockiest-Kai; G — pen-coil.
A set of maneuvers for aerobatic kites-deltalab

Complex maneuvers for aerobatic kites-deltalyo.
Lateral (A) and Central (B) pockets of the wing
Lateral (A) and Central (B) pockets of the wing.
Coil rail
Coils for lifelines.
Launch of the serpent-del'talet best gam, where a smooth blowing, the moderate strength of the wind. For example, on the shore of a large body of water — river, lake or sea.
Start serpent-del’talet best gam, where a smooth blowing, the moderate strength of the wind. For example, on the shore of a large body of water — river, lake or sea.
To cut thin synthetic cloth should only tormaresca, not scissors. Tormaresca same cut and Windows in the locations of the attachment collars to the rails and connecting the frame units. As such a cutter would be a regular soldering iron with a sharpened tip or cautery device. You can also make a simple tool consisting of a wooden handle and fixed thereto porcelain pad from electroputere with connected to screws pads nichrome wire; power to the torch — down transformer.
than contracepti shell of the wing with the sewing machine, the workpiece need to sweep away with the help of safety pins or needle and thread. After smachivaniya should try as includes frame rails in those pockets on the lining. If the fitting has shown that “cover” the good “sits” on the frame, start castracani stitches on the sewing machine. The drawings will help to choose the most suitable machine seam.
After sostragivaja shell wing made of the Assembly of the serpent and the definition of the length of the strands of the bridle. The optimal length of the threads is such in which the serpent is stable (tight) kept in the air without usmiani and pecks.
Start a snake is best with smooth the average wind together with the assistant. Achieving sustainable floating snake, try to control it, ranging from simple swaying left and right and gradually moving on to more complex shapes.
According to the materials of isoperiodic

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