DISTANCE PROGRAMPractice starts in the competition boat-“bramahadev” convincing evidence that until today the question of establishing a simple and reliable device for shutdown of main engines after completing the scoring of the race remains open. That is the problem and is dedicated to offer modelers the material.

The principle of operation of the new device is quite simple and completely understandable from the drawings. In fact, the limiter works by reading the duration of the power motors input (as occurs in all known mechanical and electronic “timers”), and the number of revolutions of the propeller. Thus there is a valid incorporation of the traversed path that is much more accurate than a simple time limit — because at the same time the engines of microcodable can pass different distance depending on both speed stability and the influence of external factors on the area. In addition to accuracy, the proposed mechanism differs high reliability, almost nothing to fail.

the limiter is simple in manufacture. For example, the body halves are being finalized from the regular checkers by drilling a Central hole 0 5.2 mm. Both metal parts (contact the tire and movable contact) are made without processing on the machines — enough scraps of brass or copper, and tool downtime drill and set of files. Most noteworthy, the Assembly mechanism, since after the final bonding of the housing halves he will be sealed. It is therefore necessary to check carefully before final Assembly, the clarity of the fit by rolling contact to the rail throughout the course of contact and the lack of jamming, and a clarity of opening the circuit in the area of the blowout.
The Assembly consisting of the movable contact, the shaft and the axis of the movable contact is made on epoxy glue. Using the same binder is better to fix processed and customized bus to one of the housing halves. But before deciding how to glue the case and mount it on the block Lod brush contact, you need to determine what material is made of checkers. Polystyrene is well connected on the sawdust solution of polystyrene in solvent No. 647, and arbolitovye (they are characterized by a greater hardness, brittleness and lack of melting when heated) — epoxy resin with a preliminary cleaning and degreasing of butt surfaces.
Fig. 1. The kinematic diagram of the drive mechanisms of the model and stop running electro motor
Fig. 1. The kinematic diagram of the drive mechanisms of the model and stop running electro engine:
1 – propeller shafts. 2 – gear propeller shafts, 3 – pinion, 4 – stroke motor, 5 – gear actuator limit time speed, 6 – screw-worm, 7 – gear worm gear. 8 – the shaft of the limiter.

The mechanism of restriction of
The mechanism of restriction of:
1 – body parts (plastic), 2 – pin bus (stranded, brass), 3 – movable contact (copper, brass). 4 – the axis of the movable contact (brass or copper tube ø 5 X 1 mm), 5 – conductor wire, 6 – pad (plastic). 7 — brush contact (solid brass or bronze with a thickness of 1 mm), 8 – shaft (steel with a diameter of 3 mm). When assembling item 2 with glue is mounted on the parts 1; the same with glue connect parts 3 and 4; the actuator 5 to solder in these locations.

Fig. 2. Schematic diagram of the limiter of. The switch is driven by the mechanism of the limiter
Fig. 2. Schematic diagram of the limiter of. The switch is driven by the mechanism of the limiter.
The adjustment mechanism limits a distance the simple. The number of turns after which there is a rupture of the supply circuits is selected empirically and, if necessary, can be adjusted by changing the gear ratio of the worm or gear transmission. Return the mechanism to its original position by the simple turning of the gear, although for convenience it is better to provide the possibility of uncoupling of the gear drive transmission mechanism. There is another solution: in a drive to introduce a friction unit. Then, when the fixed transfer contact devices can be put to zero with the knob, arranged on the surface of the model. It is useful to provide the mechanism or the handle return stop, not to reflect on events, and be sure that in the initial position you have to return the movable contact.
A. BOIKO, S. Hut Chernihiv region.

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