FLYING INTO THE RAINBOW SPRAYLately becoming more popular competitions on water-motor sports. The exciting drama of racing racing colorful boats, iridescent splashes of water, enthusiastic audience! RC racing boat are not less popular among athletes of all ages. The design of such micropolygon simple. The model is quite well-known motor type “Mabushi-540” equipped with a two-bladed propeller with a diameter of 35 mm and a step 47 mm. To power the installed battery 7.2 V/1.2 A*h Nickel-cadmium elements. Management — with two-channel proportional equipment. The engine speed change by the speed controller and the direction of the path of movement of the steering machine.

We offer to your attention a racing boat, small in size which enable it to develop good speed and easy to maneuver on the water. The external contours of the ship repeat the racing catamaran “Саlаху”, built specifically for offshore racing.
You’ll need a lime or pine slats size 3x3x1000 mm — 10 pieces, pieces of plywood the size of 600x280x1,2 mm and 245x55x3 mm, strips of cardboard the size of 600x100x0,5 mm-8 pieces. For bonding parts recommend you to use epoxy resin.
The manufacture of the body starts with a marking on the workpiece of the 3 mm plywood transverse frames set the bottom (1-6) and the additional bulkhead upper part (7-11). The parts are cut and processed on the markup. The workpiece is made of plywood thickness of 1.2 mm is also marked, and then cut the sides of the floats. On a flat Assembly bench are attached to the mounting bars with the marking provisions of the frames of the body (cross-section not less than 5×5 mm). On them nitrocream fixed parts 1-6 (the position of the body — up the bottom). Then epoxy the sides of the floats are glued together with the installed cross set. After curing of the resin are mounted rails with cross section of 3×3 mm, forming the contours of the bottom between the floats and the angles of cheekbones and the side. Glued the bottom of the tunnel, underbody and the sides of the floats are cut from cardboard. Assembled part of the hull is removed from the mounting bars. All the internal cavities and parts three times thoroughly covered by the liquid two-component parquet varnish.
In the housing are mounted in the deadwood and tube-bearing axis of the rudder. The steering wheel itself is carved out of brass with a thickness of 1 mm and is soldered to the steel axis with a diameter of 3 mm. from the Top of the case are pasted below deck rails with a cross section of 3×3 mm and a plank deck of electro cardboard and also covered inside with lacquer.
On deck nitrocream are attached to the bulkhead upper part of the body, and then they are connected to each other rails a cross section of 3×3 mm. the resulting frame is glued with cardboard. Semicircular parts of the fairing of the cockpit pre-othermovies of cardboard on a suitable mandrel. Assembled the upper part is neatly separated from the model — it will be a hatch to access the engine and equipment. Canopy pulled out plastic bottles of soft drinks. The ribs on the sides of the floats are glued from strips of cardboard with a width of 1 mm.
Layout glider
The layout of the glider:
1 — 6 frames, 7 — 11 — additional bulkheads, 12 — side panel of the float.
Osnovnye data model:
Length, mm………………………….520
Width, mm………………………245
without equipment, g………… 750
Mass start, g………… 1650


The engine is mounted on Motorama made from 4-mm of aluminum and is secured by two screws on the frame 4. For mounting battery power and radio control equipment will require additional wooden parts that are installed locally. All of the elements of the superstructure from the inside covered with parquet lacquer in two or three layers, and outside the entire model is painted with waterproof enamel in three to four layers. In the upper part of the body are glued three pipes with a diameter of not less than 10 mm for the supply of hardware in the motor area of the cooling air.
If your boat has an engine and power characteristics similar to the above, the intensive progress in the race will be about 8…10 m. Balancing of the model lies in the selection of the location of the center of gravity along the length of the housing. At this stage you should not spare time to debug races. Well ambulancewoman micrometer should consistently keep a clean gliding, not showing the tendency to scoring or lowering the nose even while jumping from the waves.
A. SOKOLOV, the sportsman 1-th digit

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