EXPERIENCE A failure to “stand” due to poor paint quality model. A crucial role when applying color coating plays spray. I tried them for twenty years are many, but none fully satisfy me. That’s why in the end had to undertake the designing yourself. Took a commercially available spray “Shine”, refined some details and making some new ones. But in principle the device fully to make yourself; all of its elements are quite simple.

The body spray I wasted on a lathe the size of a new adapter from D16T. The adapter is screwed into the housing and is fixed therein by epoxy adhesive. Nozzle and nozzle — brass, chrome-plated. For adjusting the needles it took the OBC wire Ø 2 mm; one of her I drew, and the other tapped M2 with a built — in mechanism on it screwed the two nuts, by which regulate the flow of paint.
Paint tank attached to the spray gun swivel that allows you to cover both vertically and horizontally arranged surface. This innovation makes it possible to efficiently mow on model items small lettering and edging.
Gun Modeler
Spray Modeler:
1 — cover (D16T), 2 — fluid container (polyethylene vial), 3 — knee 4 — swivel 5 — knee 6 — rubber gasket, 7 — casing, 8 — the adjusting needle, 9 — adjusting nut, 10 — frame, 11 — threaded sleeve, 12 — handle, 13 — inlet tube 14 — nozzle, 15 — spring 16 — trigger, 17 — injector 18 — the nozzle 19 adapter.

The capacity — translucent plastic bottle with a volume of approximately 100 ml. It is convenient because you can visually monitor the level of paint.
The optimal pressure of input air is 1.3 — 1.5 ATM, but the spray works quite well and a vacuum cleaner.
V. GHAZARIAN, the master of sports of the USSR, Akhalkalaki

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