HOUSING UNITSSectional block method of construction of the larger vessels have proven their effectiveness. It will be useful to modelers. Normally, the body size wikiepedia on the disc, is assembled from wooden slats, is made of metal, is stamped on the matrix. All these ways are good, if not one “but”… Young engineers who are building the model in ways not acquainted with the theoretical drawing of the hull. This also eliminates the collective creativity of students.

Offer a more rational sectional block method of construction Styrofoam blocks. When using it in the same time will participate 10-15 modelers who, as experience has shown, you get a full impression of the theoretical drawing.
That’s the essence of this method. Initially drawn up a drawing breakdown of the body on the blocks and sections. Body size is divided into five blocks, each of which is composed of three sections; one bottom and two side (port and starboard). As a result, the model is divided into 15 sections.
The theoretical contours are transferred onto the sheet and cut to fit along the lines of the drawing.
Ready bottom and side sections coat the grooves with epoxy glue and mounted on a metal plate. Once the resin has hardened, rasp and sand paper smooth out drips. Similarly assemble the whole body.
Production of blocks and partitions of the buildings of the boat
Production of blocks and partitions of the buildings of the boat:
A breakdown of the body on the blocks and sections; — the theoretical contours of the bow of the hull. In — time-label template bottom section; G — marking pattern of the side sections; D — bottom and side sections; B — the Assembly of the body sections of the input; Zh — build housing.
Positions marked with:
1-5 — housing units, 6, 8. 10. 12, 14 — bottom unit housing. 7. 9. 11. 13, 15 — side (left and right) section 16 — template of the side and bottom sections of the frame. 17 — pattern, horizontal, diseaae section. 18 template Boko howl surface, 19 — pattern end-face. 20 template upper horizontal surface of the side section 21, the pattern side surface. 22 — pattern of the lower horizontal surface. 23 — the pattern of the end surface (position with index P are parts of the right side, with the index L is to detail the left side).

For full production of one unit of input requires several hours, and in one lesson the circle you can make 5 of these blocks.
In the manufacture of the middle part of the boat do not need to apply special clamps, as it relies on the transom block. For stern and bow parts is easy to do stapel-conductors.
Finished case is handled completely, is covered with one layer of nylon on epoxy glue, painted and polished.
A new method of manufacturing ship models in the laboratory of the Arkhangelsk Maritime school DOSAAF built about 15 boats, including boat model DM.
B. PETRUSHIN, Arkhangelsk

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