LIGHT Brutal cold, snow storms and drifts, sometimes for many weeks terminated the transport connection between towns in the far North. Even a helicopter in this weather is not up in the air. And if the sick man and need urgent help how to overcome snow desert?

Long time we thought about this problem. Offered dozens of options: snegohodi and snowmobiles, multiwheel and tracked all-terrain vehicles, but they did not answer all the complex requirements. In the end we settled on “mechanical skier” — sagahotel transport lyziarskym propulsion.
A wide plane of support, and a powerful engine promised success. Ended a long search and experiments. Seemed able to simulate a car, you need the northerners. Called it “Taiga-2”.
Driver of Legenda were four wide metal slides with locking hard openers front and rear moves. They are mounted with rubber cushions, ratchets, which overcomes nezasluzene snowmobile trail areas. According to our calculations, “Taiga-2” is not terrible as loose and dense snow arrays. Move the ski through a crank mechanism driven by a DC motor voltage 27 In type Mu-30.
All-terrain vehicle developed in the cargo version, with double enclosed cockpit. Tests have shown that it can carry on solid crust loads 5 times greater than its own weight.
Our model has a mechanical drive. If it used the hydraulic system of movement of the ski and the lock opener, it will become more reliable. Even a machine built according to the existing scheme, of course, increased 5-6 times, with the internal combustion engine 200-300 cm3, can be a good assistant geologist, fisherman, hunter or camper.
Model Legenda fulfilled student 7 th grade Basil Notnew.

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