THE MODEL OF RIVER PASSENGER SHIPRiver passenger ships — a very numerous class of vessels. Small flights of ships to last several hours. Passengers are protected from the weather and can relax in the soft comfortable chair. Large vessels are often built specifically for multi-day journeys and equipped with comfortable sleeping cabins. Small have a small draught and a displacement of up to 80 tonnes, that allows to operate them even in the rivers. A model of such “microlayer” is very beautiful and has good driving characteristics.

The superstructure is produced using the same technology as the machine (see “M-K” № 6, 1977). According to the drawing from the piece of wood you need to cut the plug and to forge from polystyrene, Plexiglas, or celluloid superstructure. We finished the superstructure cut off the superfluous material layer, and adjust the bottom of the deck. At the end of the cut the entrance hole into the passenger compartment. After final finishing and coloring need to imitate or make Windows and doors. They can be made of colored celluloid, photographic films, colored paper or paint stencil in the color blue. On the roof is a captain’s cabin, in which there is control of the ship. It is glued from pieces of polystyrene, Plexiglas, celluloid.
Fans are machined on a lathe from ferrous metal (brass, aluminum), or use a suitable rivet.
Mooring device consists of bollards and tilting the slats.
General view of river passenger ship
General view of river passenger ship:
1 — a flagpole with a flag, 2 — cleats, 3 — vent head, 4 — kotikovye fire, 5 — mast, 6 — spotlight 7 — the captain’s cabin, 8 — way lights, 9 — deck superstructure, 10 — nasal boss, 11 — case, 12 —ports, 13 — Luke 14 — front hook, 15 — ballast (lead) 16 — bracket 17 — screw 18 — wheel 19 — buoy 20 — measuring strap, 21 — basic hook (hook), 22 — a box with a rescue belt, the 23 — tipping strap.
Bollards, the bollards are machined on a lathe, the base of the bollards and tilting planks are made from pieces of polystyrene and plexiglass.
The mast is made from wire and pieces of tin and set it down masthead lights (white) and upstairs kotikovye fire (red).
To determine the direction of movement of the ship in the dark on the sides of the superstructure reinforcing side lights: left red, right green.
Lifebuoy is made of aluminium or copper wire.
After careful treatment of the surface with emery paper model cover nitro (brush or spray). Available colors: water part — white, submarine — red or green, deck, light brown or dark gray the color of the metal.
When the model is ready, need to test it in the water, to adjust the stability. Side and forward roll models regulate the movement of the piece of lead (ballast). Increasing the weight of the ballast, to achieve the normal precipitation model and straight-line speed and selection of rubber motor — maximum speed.

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