Model rocket boat

Model rocket boatMissile boats are designed for application of sudden missile attacks on surface ships and transport ships on transportation on the sea lanes in the areas of fighting. It is small, with a displacement of 75-200 tons, high-speed ships. The main weapon – guided missiles “ship-to-ship” with two to four launchers. To protect against attacks boats and single aircraft they have up to four anti-aircraft guns of 25 mm caliber around.

The power of The main engines, usually diesel reaches 2600-6000 liters. sec., allowing razvisat speed of over 40 knots.
The conning tower is set in the middle of the deck, it is concentrated control of the ship. It can be made of polystyrene | FPI plexiglass, celluloid, a thin plywood, cardboard). On the side walls of the cabin installed doors, windows, handrails, ladders, brackets.
Anchoring equipment consists of anchors, anchor chain, fairlead and shgnpya. Circuit gain of flattened rings units and secured to the spindle anchor wrapped around the spire and lowered into kpyuz. Spire are machined on a lathe from a non-ferrous metal or Plexiglas.
Along the edges of the deck is the hangar with two starting rockets.
Onboard (distinctive) lights are used to determine the direction of motion of the ship at night. They are mounted on the sides of deckhouse; on a mast on the left – red, right – green.
The base stone bollards – from thin plywood, celluloid. Tumba of duralumin machined on a lathe or cut out of the wooden bars. In the cockpit are installed whip antennas and mast and gaff with Ray.

Model rocket boat
Model rocket boat:
1 – flagpole, 2 – aft antiaircraft automatic installation, 3 – guard rails, 4 – hangar rocket launcher, 5 – door, 6 – ramp-bracket, 7, 14 – whip antennas, 8 – fire control antenna antiaircraft installations, 9 – Lifting 10 – 11 radar – finder, 12 – running lights, 13 – spotlight 15 – inspection window 16 – conning tower, 17 – nasal anti-aircraft automatic installation, 18 is the steeple, 19 – bollard, 20 – 21 fairleads – housing, 22 – 23 anchor Hall – ventilation socket, 24 – 25 anchor chain – scarf, 26 – hatch, a 27 – stop 28 – lights starboard (right – green, the left – red) 29 – battery BSC-0, 5 (3336L), 30 – a cover of hangars, 31 – 32 superstructure – micromotor, 33 – inclined bulkhead 34 – vinyl chloride tube 35 to the propeller shaft 36 – deadwood. 37 is an arm 38 – propeller, 39 – wheel.
Lifebuoys do as follows. Wire wound on a round bar, and the resulting was cut into a spiral ring. Paint circles, dipping first in a jar of white paint, and then half – the red.
Leer used for fencing boards. Stanchions are made of pins that are driven into the deck at a distance of 15 mm. To solder a thin wire racks in two rows or paste thread.
Flagstaff (wire, pin) put at the end of the deck at the transom. It is used to lift the naval flag on parking.
Anti-aircraft automatic settings are made on a lathe from Plexiglas or hardwood (beech), trunks – thin nails or tubes.

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