TAKEOFF ROCKETWe offer our readers a model class S4B (raketoplan) designed by the famous Soviet athlete A. by Karapinar common aerodynamic configuration “duck”. She translates from planning mode to parauterine (forced landing) due to the deviation partneremployees stabilizer in the vertical position.
The basis of the power circuit of the rocket forms the Central beam of the wing. It is tubular, molded from carbon fiber on the mandrel Ø 3 mm and consists of two parts. In place of the sealed connector spring-loaded hinge wire, Ø 0,7 mm. allied To the free ends of the hinge is attached to the side member, also molded of carbon fiber on the mandrel round tapered with the largest diameter of 3 mm. sweep angle of the wing — 110°.
Model rocket A. Carapina.
Model rocket A. Carapina:
1 — the fairing 2 — thread-lock installation angle of the stabilizer, 3 — side beam stabilizer, 4 — the Central beam stabilizer, 5 — limiter deflection of the stabilizer, 6 — rubber thread determinator, 7 — lateral wing beam, 8 — beam of the Central wing, 9 — tail wad 10 — spring hinge wing 11 — spring hinge stabilizer, 12 — wick 13 — ring, 14 — regulator 15 — reducer sleeve, 16 — the body of the carrier, 17 — joint hitch stabilizer.
To the Central beam at a distance of 12 mm from the junction of its two parts pivotally suspended from the Central beam stabilizer, made by the same technology. Its front end carries a spring hinge wire, Ø 0,6 mm. allied With it are mounted the side rails of the stabilizer is also molded from the carbon fabric. The sweep angle is 90°.
In the nose of the model pasted fairing, the tail carries a wad. For deviation of the stabilizer to the Central beam top tie rubber thread.
The installation angle of the stabilizer is equal to approximately 5°. When adjusting the model it is selected by changing the length of the bone-fixator.
The wing and stabilizer — Mylar film with a thickness of 20 µm. The mass of the model — 11
The carrier rocket is made of two fiberglass tubes with a diameter of 13 and 18 mm. it Should be noted that the transition to increased cross section of the housing is only necessary to bring the model into conformity with the requirements of the regulations. The thickness of the tube wall of the nozzle about 0.15 mm. Weight of media: 20 g Model equips a motor MRD 10-10-4 with a diameter of 12 mm.

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