ON THE LINE-ROCKETWhat processing methods but use the young technology for the manufacture of shells of rocket modeling! The most affordable and waste — vikla CA on the blank paper cylinder, master, “the one receiving a novice can just a few classes. For more complex models, especially copies, it is necessary to use a metal mandrel, fiberglass and epoxy resin. To make such tooling without a lathe, you might need it and when processing fairings models.

In our circle we gave up all those ways in favor of one that allows you to quickly and accurately cut out the hull from foam.
For the manufacture of shells, we use a homemade machine. It consists of a frame — solid wood plate, which has two wooden racks — front and rear headstock.
In the front fixed two bearings, they are steel stud with thread on one end. She screwed the Chuck, lock it with the screw. On the opposite end of the stud impaled arm, which can rotate the workpiece around the longitudinal axis.
Similarly constructed and tailstock. But instead of a threaded stud there is mounted a tube with a screw fixed the second Chuck.
Machine for the manufacture of shells of rocket modeling
Machine for the manufacture of shells of rocket modeling:
1 — drive handle, 2 — back and headstock, 3 — screws-fasteners, 4 — cartridges, 5 — frame, 6 is nichrome wire, 7 -line-emphasis for termoblokov, 8 — bearing, 9 — tube-guide, 10 — burner internal channel 11 — the power outlets, 12 — elektroshnur, 13-16 — the details of the tension device.
Thermoresin with interchangeable nozzles.
Thermoresin with interchangeable nozzles.
The foam is processed by nichrome wire, hung in the device, allowing its stretch. To work shaped cutter provided by the line-focus.
To get the billet housing rocketmodel, you have to hold down the foam cartridges “chock”, to bring to her a nichrome wire and using a step-down transformer to apply the voltage producing the cutting of the foam (chosen empirically). Rotation of the arm and the external body is ready, and on top” of the bone formed by fused norochka, closing the pores and increasing the stiffness of the material.
The internal cavity in the housing is chosen by the cautery — textolite pipe of suitable diameter and secured it with a piece no chrome wire. The hole is calibrated — to “that we have to use another burner, the nozzle of which the diameter corresponds to the hole in the hull, the required diameter is set on the side of the tip of the nichrome loop.
Thermaltake with nozzles of different configurations you can get on the same mill and not the fairings of the rocket modeling.
Knife for cutting the parts.
Vignatelli for processing internal cavities
Vyzhigatel to handle internal cavity:
A — rough — final.
This technology is used to manufacture missiles — from beginning to launch — it takes only half an hour.
If necessary, the model can be painted — it should be used with oil paints. A good way to finish the cording of the case the thinnest aluminum foil on the PVA glue.
The placement of the parachute and engine in the case is not different from the standard. The only thing we must not forget — inside the engine compartment must be covered with a silicate glue — that increases its heat resistance.
V. SHPAKOVSKY, head of club design new types igrushek

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